Fall Outfit Inspiration: How to Style Your Basics This Fall

Hello, hello my friends! Sorry I have been MIA for about a couple of weeks here but things have just been quite hectic as I begin to launch something. No worries, I will keep you posted on what that’s all about, perhaps in the next couple of days.

For the meantime, surprisingly, here in Houston, a little cold front snuck up on me. I had no idea that we will be getting one! Apparently, our temps will be down to mid to high 50s in the next few days. This really caught me in surprise because I wasn’t expecting any cold front until November. But hey, it showed up early this time! I was still enjoy my athleisure + basics outfit until today.

Speaking of basics, whenever fall comes, we seem to think less of our basics and opt for sweaters, coats, jackets and all the wardrobe shenanigans whenever weather gets cold. However, basics are basics and no matter what season it is, it’s something that you can wear and style, however you want…just like this white v-neck t-shirt that I had on on this post. It’s easy to forget about our basics but in reality, they are the most effortless to style! Put on a v-neck t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a biker jacket and you’re good to go! So simple yet so chic.  If it’s colder, you can always put a tank underneath and a scarf around your neck!  And this is work-friendly as well. If you’re not in a corporate environment where a s

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Public Service Announcement : Shopbop’s Biggest Sale of the Season is Here!

Hey, hey, hey! It’s here!!! Shopbop’s sale event of the season is here! While it’s always great to shop at Shopbop anytime, this is the absolute ultimate time to shop here because you get 20% OFF your purchases below $500 and 25% OFF for purchases over $500, using discount code STOCKUP18. This includes items that are already on sale!

Because I’m a Shopbop VIP (it’s FREE to sign-up!), I got early access yesterday and bought 3 sweaters and one ended up below $20 because it was already on sale. Check out below the ones I purchased.

I don’t normally use the word “obsess” over things but I can say that I’m a little obsess with ruffled right now because I ended up getting three ruffled sweaters.

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First 2018 Fall Outfit Inspiration: A Sporty Crossover Between Summer and Fall

So Fall is here…what can I say? In the first few weeks of Fall in Texas, it’s kind of a joke. We still get mid 90 degree weather pretty much on a daily basis. But no complaint here at all. I’ll take warm weather versus cold anytime! Having longer “summer” time in Houston is quite an advantage for me. However, I have read from forecasts that we will be experiencing some really cold weather this season. Yikes!

Right around this time, Houstonians tend to have a fashion crisis! Some wear boots or booties and some wear sandals and we’ve learned not to roll our eyes or laugh at other people or ourselves because that’s just how we need to roll in Texas fall! We mostly do a crossover of styles between summer and fall.

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How To Listen To Music Noise Free: A Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Canceling Over-the-Ear Headphones Review

I don’t know about you but nothing can be more annoying when you’re listening to a music and your headphones or earphones are picking up every single noise in the background – especially when you’re trying to study or work at a coffee shop.

In this type of scenario, your best friend would be noise-cancelling headphones, right? But there’s just too many out there.  But let me tell you this…they are not at all created equal! So how do you know which one to get?

If you’re a frequent online shopper like me, I often read and depend on reviews before I make any purchasing decisions and the Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones caught my attention because it has an average of 4.7 rating and out of 106 reviews, 88 were 5 stars and 13 reviews were 4 stars. Only a very small percentage was anything below that.

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5 Tips to Make The Best Out of The Remaining Summer Days

Cue Music…”Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…but you never said that you’d stay forever. But if you must go…well darling I’ll set you free…but I know in time, we’ll be together…” Ha! Does anybody remember that song by Taylor Dayne? I used to listen to that music when I got jilted in love in college. Confessions, confessions! But that’s not really what I was singing that for. I’m talking about summer. Yes, I’m pretty sad that we’re halfway in September already and summer is going to be over in a week. While I know it’s always exciting when a new season begins, lots of fun really does happen during summer. Do you agree?

So I’m sharing 5 tips with you on how you can make the best out of the remaining summer days…8 days to be exact. 

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The Cutest Maxi Dresses On Sale You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

We’re wrapping up summer real soon and if you don’t know yet, this is the best time to grab some of the summer pieces you’ve been eyeing on because a lot of them are on sale. Though those pieces may be seasonal and you may think it’s useless to buy it now, think again. You can always use these pieces next summer, especially maxi dresses. Maxi dresses never go out on style – they always come back in spring and summer.

So I’ve curated the cutest maxi dresses for you below. A lot of them are below $50 and some are below $100! A 40-50% cut from its original price. Some colors are actually good for fall!

If you’re already shopping for the holidays and you know someone who loves maxis, then check out the below selection!

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Opt for Optimism for a Better Life

In only a few days, summer is officially gone and a new season begins.  A few days ago, Frost Bank’s 30-Day Optimism Challenge concluded and now it’s up to the individuals who took part in this challenge to begin a new season of consistent optimism.

If you’re following this blog and my Instagram, you know that I took part in this challenge. If you missed the previous posts, just click the following link: How to Be Optimistic and Love Your Life: Do The 30-Day Optimism Challenge and Four Things I’ve Learned From The 30 Day Optimism Challenge.

It’s easy to do a challenge when you know there is a community of like-minded individuals who is aiming for the same thing. But what happens when the community challenge like this one ends and you’re on your own to continue what you’ve started? In my opinion, that’s when the real challenge begins.

You have to find your own inner strength. You have to find the motivation to do so. You have to make a choice to stay positive.

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31 Affordable Organizational Items To Keep Your Home Fully Organized Like a Pro

It’s been a few months since we’ve moved to our new home but…unpacking boxes, organizing the contents, and selecting and buying furniture can be a long process and can be very challenging as well.

Although we’ve  made a lot of progress, we still have a long way to go in organizing the little things here and there. Imagine combining two people’s stuff. My husband was in his old house for 18 years. He was single and lived by himself for such a long time so you can imagine that spring cleaning was probably never in his vocabulary. Bless his heart. We’ve already discarded and donated a lot but we still have a ton more to sort through. And being a blogger, I, too, have accumulated a bunch of stuff throughout the years. Although I make it a point to donate or give away yearly.

That being said, I found myself shopping for organizational products to keep our home organized and I’m sharing these items with you.

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