The Most Comfortable Ikat Dress and Booties

It’s Friday y’all! We made it! I’m sure that many of you have been waiting for the weekend to come and it seemed like foreverto get here for some reason. At least that’s how I felt. 

And did someone say that it’s the end of September already?! I am seriously amazed at how time goes by. So many things to do with so little time. I’m sort of panicking! Eeeek. The holidays, my cousin’s wedding in Florida, and my own wedding are just around the corner and I feel that there’s a lot of things to do. The holidays and special occasions can sure add a lot of stress and pressure but I’m so looking forward to them.

Meanwhile, how about them ikat prints? This dress is from the summer collection of Velvet Heart I believe and it’s become another favorite of mine. It’s not flattering by all means but it’s cute and comfortable, and quite honestly, that’s what I’m all about these days. I think that every woman should have pieces in her closet that are easy to get into! These type of items are definitely time savers. Just slip it on, wear booties, put a top knot on and voila! For those married, you will definitely make your hubby happy with easy-to-style pull-over dresses. Ha! Less waiting time for them while you’re getting ready. Oh and the fact that it’s a chambray dress is a major plus! … View Post

A Fall Date Night Look and A Piece of Advice

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’d know that I visited Dallas, along with a few other bloggers, to tour the city and see what they have to offer, more than a week ago. We also had a chance to go shopping at Northpark Center and guess what? Some of the items I purchased are on this look! I mostly went shopping at Nordstrom just because it’s a one-stop shop for me. I am a girl but I don’t like shopping that much when I’d have to go from one store to another so a store like Nordstrom, having everything, is a win!

Anyway, this is a casual chic date night look that anyone can sport – whatever body type you have. Ladies, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans! Wearing it is flattering and makes you look and feel sexy without trying too hard. And here’s a piece of unsolicited advice: Every now and then, you don’t have to show your curves. Make your date “crave” for it every now and then. Meaning, make it a mystery. Don’t always show it, if you know what I’m saying! You can do that by doing this look. I promise you, your man will appreciate the mystery without him even knowing it. *Wink*… View Post

The Embroidered Crepe Dress

Happy official second day of Fall guys! I know many of you are thrilled to have cooler weather! I heard that we are going to get a cool front next week. But before that, a storm on Sunday. 

I’m slowly transitioning to fall fashion by wearing a lot of boho-style dresses and booties. I found some affordable ones from If you noticed, I’ve been shopping a lot at I am currently subscribed to Prime and I found that it’s the best way to maximize shopping at Amazon to save on shipping costs since I at least shop a few times a month from the site. I didn’t pay the whole year but I’m doing the $9.99/month, which is in my opinion, totally worth it.… View Post

Save More With Groupon Coupon

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Groupon and probably many have used them as well. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Groupon, it is basically a website that offers deals on restaurants, spas, health and fitness, travel, daily activities and many others. I’ve always loved finding good deals from this website. One that I think is such a good deal is my quarterly vehicle oil change. I have done about 3 and have only purchased it for about $20 when normally it’s $35. My fiancé and I have also enjoyed some restaurant deals from Groupon. Savings like these do add up. 
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Summer 2016 Travel Diary: Tapatio Springs

In the beginning of summer this year, my fiancé and I headed out to Boerne, Texas, with some friends, and stayed at Tapatio Springs. Boerne is about 35 minutes NW of San Antonio. We spent the weekend there and had an activities-filled stay! There was so much to do with so little time. 

Tapatio Springs is such a precious gem in the hillcountry. They had a $2 million renovation back in 2015 and the resort is just absolutely beautiful. Loved all the lush greeneries, the springs located sporadically throughout the resort, and the hills. The sunset was  gorgeous as well! We got there an hour or so before sunset on a Friday and we were just able to capture its beauty! Nothing beats Texas sunset and it’s even more captivating when you get to see its beauty in a resort like Tapatio. 

I drove around the resort in my golf cart for about an hour, just enjoying it’s beautiful sceneries. It really doesn’t take an hour to get around the whole resort but I loved seeing the springs, the ducks, and just about everything else! I had such a blast doing that while my fiancé and friends did some tee time. My favorite part was driving through the water over bridges. They had a couple and I felt like a kid that’s never seen something like that before! … View Post

Engagement Session Part 1 and My Thoughts on Inter Racial Dating

I’m so excited to finally share with you guys some photos from our engagement shoot back in August. We’ve had 3 outfit changes and this was actually the second one. I’ve showed you an Instagram sneak peek from another set a couple of weeks ago though and that set is coming up here on the blog as well. For outfit details, please see the links above.

I can’t believe that our wedding is only 4 months away! I think I am almost done with most wedding planning stuff. My goal is to have everything done by the end of September so I can just relax and work on other things before the holiday craziness even begins.

As our wedding gets closer, I can’t help but get amazed sometimes by how our love story unfolded. I do get the thoughts, every now and then, of “I can’t believe I’m marrying my friend of 5 years.” That was of course before we started dating last year. He’s the only close male friend I have and one I called my “big bro” for several years, until God worked in both of our hearts. Anyway, I won’t repeat our story here but if you missed it, read our engagement story here.… View Post

What’s In My Travel Bag? Beauty Bar Edition

Happy Friday Guys! I’m currently in Dallas, Texas for the weekend with some blogger babes, touring what the city has to offer in fashion and otherwise. Although I’ve been to Dallas quite a few times, I don’t think that I’ve really explored it and being the big city that it is, I’m sure it has a lot to offer! I took a mini 4-hour road trip yesterday and today I’m sharing with you what I have in my travel bag. 

I don’t always get to do this kind of post so thought it’d be fun to show you what’s in my travel bag this time. FYI, I literally took this from my hotel room at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek so this is legitimately what I have in my Barrington Gift St. Anne Tote travel bag! We will be everywhere in Dallas – from strolling at the park to visiting museums to shopping, makeovers, and nightouts so what you will see are my must-haves! … View Post