Power to the Period and How You Can Make a Difference

Over the years, as I’ve grown older and more mature, I learn to put a lot of things in perspective. Looking at what others don’t have versus what I don’t have helps me accomplish that and makes me just grateful for the things in life and be content with what I have. 

It’s amazing to know that the things that are easily accessible to us aren’t as always accessible to the less fortunate ones. Sadly, as little and seemingly insignificant as sanitary napkins aren’t readily available to the women in homeless shelters. 

I must admit, there have been countless times when I’ve seen my individually-packed unused sanitary napkins just lying around on my bed or left in the pockets of my totes and different purses. I wouldn’t be surprised if I even have some extra in my trunk organizer! Makes me feel guilty that I have these too many unused and clean sanitary napkins while there are women in homeless shelters who lack what I obviously quite have in abundance of!… View Post

5 Reasons Why I Love Houston, Texas and Why You Will Too!

The moment I stepped foot in Houston while visiting back in 2007, I knew it was home. It may sound dramatic but that’s the truth. When we moved several months later from Miami, the only adjustment I had to make was remembering the gazillion highways and learning how to drive in Texas-size lanes. Oh and maybe the time and distance it takes to get from one place to another. You know, as they say, “Everything is big in Texas”, and they ain’t lying.

Texas is a country of its own (ahem!) and Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation. I really can’t help but be proud to be a Texan! There are so many things to love about Texas and my city but let me just share 5 of my favorite things…(aside from the fact that I can wear Cowboy boots of course!)… View Post

How to Style Black Skinny Jeans for Date Night + Another Awesome Giveaway

Ladies, you can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans in clean wash! If you don’t own a pair yet, I suggest getting one because it’s one of the truly versatile pieces you will ever own. You can easily transform it from a day to night look. This pair of jeans is from ASOS and it’s under $50! They fit quite well. 

Day look would perhaps be an off-shoulder top for summer or white v-neck shirt under a chambray button down or long-sleeve stripes t-shirt for fall. Night look would be something like this on this post where I’m wearing a dressy bell sleeves or wear it with a sweet lace-up peplum blouse like this. … View Post

3 Starbucks Products That Are Perfect Poolside Drinks

When you think of poolside parties or just spending the weekend by the pool, the last thing you’d probably think of bringing with you is coffee or coffee-based drinks, right? You’re probably thinking soft drinks, margaritas, daquiri, or sangria. But it doesn’t hurt to get out of the box once in a while and add them to your list of drinks at the party. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not the hot coffee that I’m talking about. … View Post

Le Tote: Monthly Fashion Box Subscription Review

Monthly subscription boxes are the hottest thing these days. There’s pretty much subscription boxes for everything, right? Medicines, doggie goods, beauty, men’s shaving razors (believe it or not), jewelries, and fashion.

Have you guys heard of Le Tote? It’s a monthly fashion subscription for outfits which includes 3 pieces of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelries. I got a chance to try it out for free for the first month and on this post are 4 items out of 5 that I got. I loved everything except for the other blouse that came in the box. … View Post

SHIPT Has Landed! The New Way to Do Your Grocery Shopping

SHIPT has launched in Houston a few days ago and their team has reached out for me to try out their service. Shipt is an app for a grocery shopping service. Can we say COOL?!

With such a busy schedule, I think we all can use this type of service – whether it’s every week or every once in a blue moon. My mom does our grocery shopping for the most part but since she doesn’t drive, I normally have to drive her to the grocery store to pick up the groceries. A lot of times, it takes a couple of hours from my busy schedule, but it needs to get done, right?… View Post

Floral Pencil Skirt and Off-The-Shoulder Top + Trollbeads Giveaway

Happy Monday darlings! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m once again astonished when I realized that we’re almost halfway July and we’re more than halfway 2016 already. YIKES! Before you knew it, it’s the holidays and then my wedding. YAY! It’s crazy being in the middle of business/blogging and planning your wedding at the same time. It can get a little overwhelming but I’m pretty excited!

Anyway, not to scratch of my back, but I’m totally lovin’t today’s outfit. Probably one of my favorite ones. Maybe it’s the off-the-shoulder top or maybe its the bright XOXO Floral Pencil Skirt I got from Amazon.com for under $50. Maybe it’s the colors or the fringe heels. But I totally enjoy this look, even though it was really difficult to shoot that day when the hair was blowing 15 mph and wouldn’t let my hair stay put.… View Post