22 Meaningful and Personalized Graduation Gifts for Her

Graduation season is right around the corner. Buying graduation gifts can prove to be challenging for some. I decided to curate 22 meaningful and personalized graduation gifts to help you out if you’re in the market for some. I decided to go with personalized because it gives the impression that you have given a lot of time and thought into the gift like no other. It will also set your graduation gift apart from other gifts. These personalized gifts post is geared towards girls/women but a lot of them can definitely be personalized for your male graduate as well. Feel free to check it all out and hopefully you will find some that you will find fit for your graduate!

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What to Wear to a Wedding As a Guest: Tips and Ideas

Wedding season is once again upon us. According to Wikipedia, there are 2.5 million weddings every year in the US alone. So just in case you have been invited to one, two or even three this year and you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding as a guest, I’m here to help!Knowing what to wear when attending a wedding is more than just what you think looks beautiful on you. There are several different factors that you must consider.

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A Casual Athletic Style That’s Easy to Copy

A casual athletic style is no surprising a go-to outfit for a lot of busy women, especially for weekend errand runs!  Today’s casual athletic style is easy to copy and while it’s casual it still is very stylish. If you can wear yoga pants, you sure can wear jogger pants as well! Throw in a soft v-neck shirt like this one from Halogen, an oversized denim jacket, a pair of your favorite sneakers or get the Adidas All Start Sneakers and you’re good to go!For those of you in your late 30s or 40s or even 50s, you’re probably thinking there is no way you’re going to be able to pull this off…that it’s not appropriate for your age, etc. There is a simple way to fix that! Untie the knot and let the shirt loosed or tuck it in. Whatever makes you comfortable.

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21 Swoon Worthy Blush and Rose Gold Furniture and Home Decor You Will Ever Find

The other day, I shared Rose Gold Desk and Office Accessories You Will Absolutely Love. But we all know that some women’s obsession with rose gold can go beyond their office so in this post I’m sharing some of my finds: 21 Swoon Worthy Blush and Rose Gold Furniture and Home Decor. While rose gold is fairly common these days, it’s still thrilling to find stylish, chic, and modern blush and rose gold furniture and home decor. Ottoman Storage Footstool |…

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Winter Pieces on Major Sale You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Well here we are with only about 3 more weeks of winter. For some, it’s bitter sweet. I know that there are winter babies out there who really enjoy the cold. Not this winter baby. I was born in February but I’ll take tropical weather anytime, all year round. In Houston, it is sometimes possible to have 4 seasons in one week. Talk about crazy weather! The best part about the winter ending pretty soon is not only that will we get warmer weather but we can shop the best winter pieces on major sale. This is the best time to shop coat, sweaters, knits and boots, y’all!

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Rose Gold Desk and Office Accessories You Will Absolutely Love

I’ve been seeing themed #girlboss #ladyboss home office these days and I can’t help but drool over those offices with rose gold desk and office accessories. I absolutely love the elegant and chic feel of it so thought I’d put together my own list of rose gold desk and office accessories  should I decide to re-do my home office.

Below are some really neat rose gold products that are affordable and easy to find. Check them out and let me know what you think. 

If you are obsessed with rose gold and are looking to add some chic rose gold office accessories, then this post is for you.

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12 Fashion Subscription Boxes You Must Check Out

Subscription boxes have become huge in the past four years and I could see why. For the busy fashionista, mom, or corporate gal, shopping for clothes can be the last in their itinerary. Comes in handy are these fashion subscription boxes. Imagine a box full of clothes and accessories tailored to your style and taste being delivered to you on a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. I couldn’t see why millions of women have fallen in love with this concept. The beauty of having a personal stylist matched with the convenience in time, why not?

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Isn’t It Romantic: Should You Want To See This Romantic Comedy Movie?

I know that for some, this isn’t a day in February that you’re thrilled about. I get you. Been there. But don’t make this day to be all about just love for couples. Loving yourself today and everyday is the best thing that you can do. Cliché yes. You probably rolled your eyes when you read that. But I don’t blame you one bit! Again, been there. It’s not going to hurt you though if you try, is it? And if you already love yourself like you’re supposed, then hooray!!! Let’s celebrate then.

How about treat yourself to a movie tonight or this weekend? About a week and a half ago, I had the opportunity to work with Warner Brothers and host a screening of Isn’t it Romantic – a movie with Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, and Adam DeVine. I promise you, this is the best romantic comedy you will ever see this year, so you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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