5 Tips For Beautiful Couple Holiday Photos + Unlocked iPhone 8+ Giveaway

This is my husband and I’s first ever holiday photos, even though this is our second Christmas as a married couple. I couldn’t be more excited taking these photos and sharing them with you.

Along with these photos, I want to share some tips with you guys if you’re planning to do a couple or family holiday photos.

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How To Dress In Fall and Winter in Houston, Texas

It’s not uncommon for us Houstonians to experience what we call “bipolar” weather here in Houston, for lack of a better term. Basically, it’s just a mix of fall/winter and spring/summer weather in one day. We’re no stranger to waking up in freezing temps in the morning and then sweating later on during the day. It can also be five days of cold temps and then another week in the high 70s.

Thankfully, we’ve learned to deal with it, especially in the way we dress. Dressing during this season is just a matter of mixing and matching summer and winter clothes, depending what the temperature is going to be like. Thank God for weather apps, right?! I had no idea what ancient Houstonians used to do though when weather apps don’t exist! I guess they just depended on the good ol’ weatherman on TV! With the bipolar weather we have in Houston, we depend a lot on the weather app to determine how to dress going to church, work, or running errands on any given day.

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5 Ways To Make a Difference This Holiday Season

This holiday season can be so tough for many. We know all about the most recent California wildfires that have devastated thousands of families, claimed several lives of both humans and animals, and destroyed homes.

This is just one tragedy that is wildly publicized but there are probably thousand others who are suffering from some kind of loss such as the loss of a loved one, a home, a job.

Honestly, in situations like this, I feel helpless and seriously wished there’s something more I can do.

According to statistics, the depression and anxiety rate is at all time high during the holidays. The holidays are a time for gift giving and family and friends gathering. Unfortunately, for some people, they don’t have a family to spend time with or money to buy gifts and this can be a cause of sadness and loneliness.

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Yet Another HUGE Shopbop and East Dane Sale Event + 2 Important Tips To Get The Most Out of It

Ready for yet another sale event from Shopbop? So excited to announce that Shopbop’s Thanksgiving sale is here! You don’t have to wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday because the sale starts NOW! Beginning today November 20  until November 27, here’s what you can get from this sale using code MORE18: 15% OFF orders of $200+ 20% OFF orders of $500+ 25% OFF orders of $800+ Here’s 2 very important tips to get the most out of this Shopbop…

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13 Amazingly Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. Can you guys believe it? I found myself the other day at the store buying additional  ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Last year was sort of a rush thing for me since we had just moved in October  in brand new home and I was not quite decided whether I wanted to put in the work in shopping for a tree and ornaments. However, I ended up going for it and by the time I decided on it, most blush/rose gold ornaments were already gone. Our Christmas tree last year had our wedding colors: gold and blush but I added silver in place of the ivory that we had at our wedding.

This year, I made sure that I go to the store earlier than usual so I can pick some beautiful ornaments. After going to the store the first time and spent 2.5 hours looking for ornaments, I was undecided on what to get and how to put them together so I found myself looking for some Christmas Tree Decorating ideas.

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Fall Outfit Inspiration: How to Style Distressed Jeans in Fall

A lot of people shy away from styling a pair of distressed jeans in fall and winter because of the weather. Of course, that’s quite different here in Houston where we can style it all year long.

But there IS a way around it and although I didn’t show it on this post, I’m about to tell you that right now: The easiest way to still be able to style a pair of distressed jeans in fall and winter when the weather is cold is to wear a pair of tights underneath it. Simple, right? I’m sure to some of you, it’s a no brainer…but to some it may be a DUH moment.

I’d like to do it to couple of ways though. Sometimes I’d wear a pair of nude tights or leggings to make it seem like it’s I have no tights underneath or wear black tights/leggings and make it look patchy. Either way, it works.

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Fall Outfit Inspiration: Must Have Floral Fall Dress For Cities Like Houston

Y’all, I’m so proud of Houston! I’m so proud that our city was pretty cool (temperature-wise) this week! I think we’re finally catching up on how to be cool (pun intended) like you guys up North! HA! But our weather is still totally safe to wear something like this cute cold shoulder (another pun intended) Lovers + Friends Floral Dress.

Quite honestly, I didn’t expect to see some cold shoulder pieces in fall but I guess for cities like us where we may get a total of maybe 4-6 cold weeks out of 6 months, we can totally pull off some clothing pieces like this. I know you guys up north are totally cool but I know that when the snow gets thick, you totally get jealous of us when we can totally wear a dress like this. HA!

The good news is that because this piece is on the lighter side with just hints of fall colors, you can totally rock this all year long. For fall, you can wear with a fall hat and a pair of boots or booties and for spring and summer, you can wear it with lace up sandals or slides and a wide brim straw hat.

And how amazing is this Kate Spade Handbag? I love everything about this bag: the color, the size, and the style! But quite honestly, I love anything and everything Kate Spade New York anyways!

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Dry Season + Giveaway!

The dry and cold days are upon us and usually, the first two things that get the impact is our health and our skin. Can we say, “yikes!”? Last season, about the same time, I was attacked with eczema, which I thought at first was some kind of skin allergy. So I went to see an allergy specialist and came to find out it’s just eczema and it’s all because I really didn’t take care of my skin. Well, I…

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