All The Right Kind of Blues

School is out…June is here…and the Texas summer heat has officially begun! 

Texas heat is no joke. Although I’ve always preferred warm weather versus cold, this girl can get hot too sometimes. But it’s nothing that cold drinks and some comfy and cozy off-the-shoulder dresses could fix!

This trend is nothing new, I’m sure you know. It’s made its way back since Spring and it’s here to stay for a few more months for as long as it’s warm. In Texas, it translates into at least late October or early November. We normally have longer summer than every one else. I’m totally cool with that because it means that I get to wear more fun summer dresses just like this chambray off-the-shoulder dress from Altar’d State. They also have it in a slightly different style here and in a cute romper style. 

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#NoMakeUpRequired With Olay Daily Facials 4-in-1

Olay is definitely a household name brand in beauty and skin care. I remember seeing Olay on my mom’s and my grandma’s dressers when I was a little girl. It seemed like it was a household favorite too since every woman in my family was using it.

Part of achieving flawless skin as I age is to take care of my skin on a daily basis. There are three products that I normally use for my daily routine: Facial wash, toner, and moisturizer.

A recent addition was the Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths and a new favorite! Summer is coming and ladies, this is a MUST have. It’s great to freshen up when you’re on the go, especially when you’re traveling and it gets so hot and humid.

If you’re into skin care (which everyone should be), you know that washing your face with soap or even facial wash and water don’t normally completely remove make-up. That’s why you need to tone. Toning removes left overs and build-up from make-up and other stuff that we put on our face. 

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Floral Elements

Our wedding wasn’t a fairy tale wedding by no means…but it’s definitely the closest thing to it! I hope you have been following my wedding series closely and if you haven’t, you can catch up with the series by clicking here. 

I was very hands on in our wedding planning process. In fact, we opted not to hire a wedding planner, due to, number one, staying in budget and number two, I would like to see what’s going on every step of the way. Unless you have thousands and thousands of money to spend on your wedding, knowing your budget and staying in it is key. My husband and I decided that we will not get in debt because of the wedding. Yes, it only happens once it a lifetime. Yes, it’s only one day you can never take back. But it’s also one day which you have to consider that once it happens, there’s life to live and tackle. 

We decided to go with a venue that’s not only extremely gorgeous, reasonably priced, and allowed us to pick our vendors ala carte. Other brides prefer all-inclusive but I preferred that I could pick my own vendors. We did our own decor with the help of our lovely coordinators from Dovetail Wedding Coordination (more on this later) and our wedding party who, without even kidding, worked their butts off in putting together the decor. My girls and the coordinators were there since 9 AM and everyone started taking things out of the boxes and setting them all up. I’m so grateful that we had such a hard-working crew to help us out.

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The Floral Maxi Dress You Can’t Have Without

Taking a short break from posting my wedding series. 

In the market for a wonderful maxi dress to go to a special event? I highly recommend this floral maxi dress from Uptown American. I recently just discovered them and they have some really cute dresses! But this particular floral maxi is a winner in my book. You can wear it to a wedding or any special occasion this summer.  It’s so flowy, it makes you wanna twirl! As you can see in one of the photos, I actually twirled! 

And if you’re thinking that it’s summer and it’s gonna too hot to wear a long sleeves maxi, then think again. This maxi dress has sheer sleeves and sheer material (with lining) so it’s not going to be too hot, even if you wear it to a beach or a destination wedding. It’s going to be perfect!

Although you certainly can dress this down by simply wearing a pair of sandals, this isn’t your everyday maxi. I see it as more of a long dress to wear to a special occasion, like I previously mentioned above. It’s gorgeous! In fact, while shooting it, I got a ton of compliments from passers by. 

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Wedding Party Look Part 2: The Bridesmaids

Putting together the look of my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids was a little more challenging than I originally thought. I have envisioned a mismatched look for them – different styles with sequins and in our wedding colors. I had 8 girls, including my Maid of Honor, as you can see. 

I gave the girls a vision of what I was looking for as far as styles and colors and they each went on their way to find a dress they liked. It definitely wasn’t easy since they have different tastes, styles, and body type. As they find something that they liked, they checked with me to see if that will work. For some girls, it worked out right away and for others, we went through a few before it was finalized. 

My vision was for some of them to wear full sequined dresses and some of them a combination of a sequins and a different material and in specific colors. I think that’s where the challenge came in. Some dresses don’t come in their sizes and some aren’t available in the colors I would like for them to wear.  

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