Summer in Fall in Houston

I couldn’t be more happy that it still feels kinda like summer in Houston. The cold really hasn’t come yet. But then again, this is Houston. We really do have more warm days than cold! 

That being said, it’s not uncommon to see Houstonians in shorts and boots or booties! That’s just how we roll! I used to think that we have quite a bit of an “identity” crisis during season transitions because some of us would be wearing sandals or flip flops and sundresses while others wearing sweaters and boots on the same day with high 80’s weather. It’s truly a sight to observe! … View Post

Fall Florals

One thing I do really love about fall is being able to wear boots and booties. I love being able to wear a dress, tunic, jeans  or leggings and just slip on a pair of tall boots or booties and just feel cozy and comfy all day.

I’m sure that many of you ladies, just like me, own more than one pair. It’s kind of hard to resist when you see a nice pair and it’s even harder when you tried them on and they’re so comfortable! This is how I feel with many of my tall boots, including this new pair from CAT Footwear. If you’ve heard of the CAT company that makes tracting equipments, then it’s the same company that makes these footwear. They started out with heavy duty work boots and branched off with the fashionable boots. I promise you, other than the gifted pair of boots, I was not paid to say these things about them, but they truly are one of my fave brands when it comes to boots and booties. I still have the boots and booties I got from them a couple of years ago and I lived in them in the past winter seasons. … View Post

Mad for Plaid

Hope you’re experiencing some great fall weather guys! It’s still been quite hot here in Houston during the day but we’re cooling down a little bit in the mornings and at nights. Houstonians are pretty excited about that! Although I am not looking forward to the 50 degree below weather, I can enjoy a cooler one.

I think I’m gonna be living in plaid this season. I never was a huge fan of plaid but for some reason, I’ve just been “craving” for them and I found that they are comfortable and very easy to style and layer for colder days. 

Oh and have you noticed that bucket bags are huge this year? Mine is sold out but it has a mini version from the same brand. It’s so cute! Check out the mini version here.… View Post

Oppa Gingham Style

Please pardon another cheesy blog title! Do you all remember the song Oppa Gangham Style that became an internet craze a few years ago? It just came to mind while I was thinking of a title for this post and I remembered the craziness that surrounded the song and the dance moves.

Anyway, this Kate Spade Gingham Dress is 60% off! I don’t own a lot of ginghams. In fact, this is probably the only one in my closet. But I know I will keep this for years to come. First of all, this dress has pockets! Yes, ladies, this dress has pockets!!! One on each side. Don’t we just love dresses with pockets? Makes your lipstick, cellphone, and powder easier to access. Personally, these stuff get easily lost in the mess of my big handbag, so I prefer dresses with pockets. Unfortunately, not too many have them. But those dresses that have them are treasures. For real. Not too many sizes are still available so snag one if you see your size. … View Post

Eddy K. Bridal Dress Shopping at Weddings by Debbie Part 1

One of the most exciting things for me after being engaged is planning our wedding. There’s a lot of things involved in it and it can be stressful at times but it’s still fun. It’s definitely a journey and part of my journey to becoming a “Mrs” is finding “the dress”. 

For a lot of brides, including myself, this is a big task. It’s a mission and it’s quite challenging to find the dress that you love within your budget. Let’s get real brides and future brides…budget is the second thing you must set after setting the wedding date.

I chose to document and share with you guys this journey because my blog is sort of my online diary and you guys, my readers, are a huge part of it, so hopefully you enjoy all my engagement and wedding-related posts.… View Post


Happy Friday Guys! We made it to the weekend again, woohooo! I don’t know about you but I really need some 48 hours to forever downtime. I’ve been practically running on 4-5 hour sleep the past week or so and I feel that my body is drained of energy. I’m in the final stretches (I think!) of putting together the elements of our wedding. Once that’s done, I can take a little breather. Who knew that takes so much time and energy?

Anyway, the pieces of this outfit are a little contradicting to each other. Faux fur vest, beanie hat, turtle neck, and then open-toe sandals? Well, that’s kinda what Houston fall weather has been since it started. We have about an hour of fall in the morning and another hour at night when it’s safe to wear a light sweater or so and then in the middle of the day, it’s back to 90 degrees. It’s quite confusing to say the least…I be like “Weather, make up your mind, yeah?!”  Wearing this outfit though at least makes me feel like I’m in New York! … View Post

Food, Fashion, and Football

After a year of dating my fiancé and being engaged to him for the past 4 months, I think it is safe to say that I am now hooked on football! So now my passions are food, fashion, and football! My fiancé is the biggest sports fan but football is definitely his favorite. Since the season started, we’ve been doing nothing but watch football games on the weekends. 

This past weekend, instead of our usual of watching the game at a sports club, we decided to do some outdoor grilling with some of our friends. It’s #GameTimeGrilling baby! 

Now, I can’t cook jack! But thanks to my man who knows how to grill and cook! … View Post