Back With This Big Trend + Another HUGE Giveaway

Happy Spring guys! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that Spring and Summer are actually my favorite season. Fall, Winter and I just don’t work very well with each other. In the past, I still normally do a lot of outfit posts, no matter how cold it got. However, this past winter, I had a wonderful excuse to take a little bit of a break from blogging due to planning my wedding so I really wasn’t able to do a lot of outfit posts.

And speaking of which, I will definitely be sharing a few pictures from our wedding and sharing with you some of the details.

For the meantime, spring is here and so are the trends that came with it the last time. If you remember, the off-the-shoulder trend was so huge last year. Everyone and their mothers on this planet and maybe Mars, wore this trend and it was great! This season, it’s back and I shared a few more choices below for you to check-out. 

There are so many out there, it’s so hard to choose! But this pink one on this post is definitely a favorite. The material is a bit wrinkly but if you iron it with starch, it should be good to go. … View Post

5 Tips On What To Do With Your Tax Refund

It’s tax refund season and I know that many of you are looking forward to this much needed cash back from Uncle Sam! Without a solid plan on where to allocate these upcoming funds, it’s easy to spend them on items that we might be wishing for but not really need. It’s very important to establish a list of items in your finances that you need settle and here are some tips.

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A “Lobsterworthy” Celebration at Red Lobster

I’m slowing going back to the swing of things guys! It’s been a few months of wedding planning and then the wedding and honeymoon. It’s been such a whirlwind…a roller coaster journey to say the least. 

It’s been an exciting time in my life and truly grateful for all the blessings. I can’t believe that it’s been a little over a month since I got married! My husband and I wanted to celebrate our “first month anniversary” but not entirely sure what happened  but we didn’t get to. So we went to Red Lobster the other day instead to celebrate.

Since it’s Lobsterfest, it totally was the perfect time to not only celebrate our first month of marriage bliss but also to visit Red Lobster and munch on those delicious lobster tails!… View Post

4 Refreshing Products That I Took With Me To Honeymoon

As you all know, I just got married a couple of weeks ago and it was the best day ever! But planning my own wedding wasn’t as easy as I thought. There were lots of details that I wanted to put in the wedding and it was pretty stressful to say the least. There were lots of last minute things that popped up, even the day of the wedding. However, the day still turned out to be very special for us and our guests.

The honeymoon part was also something that my husband and I both looked forward to. And it was such a refreshing time. We enjoyed the beach, the activities, the food and drinks, and the people. I will share more of that on another post.

While traveling to another country that’s unfamiliar to you is fun and exciting, it can also be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to expect, right? But being quite ready and fully-packed up with the right products to take with you can be key, especially if you don’t know where to get the products you normally use in a foreign country where there’s no Walmart or Walgreens.… View Post

Oooh La La, Sexy Hair!

I’ve always had long hair for as long as I can remember and sometimes caring for it and maintaining healthy, shiny hair can be quite challenging.

There’s just so many products out there to choose from but unless you are aware of the ingredients in hair care products that are harmful for your hair and health in general, you probably will just grab anything that you think “will work for you” or what you think already works for you. I know I do.

However, chemicals such as sulfates, gluten, and paraben are pretty common in hair care products that are readily available at our local pharmacies and grocery stores. Sulfates are basically a mild detergent that is used to create suds. The issue with it though is that it strips your hair of its natural essential oils and weakens your hair follicle and strands over time. Parabens, on the other hand, are known to cause cancer. And while glutens have no direct correlation to the health of your hair, having no gluten in hair care products helps those who have sensitivity to it.… View Post

Cheers to 2017: Here’s To Something New

This may be my last post for this year 2016. I’m so grateful for what 2016 has brought me and truly excited for what 2017 has to offer. I’ve been blogging for five and a half years now and many bloggers have come and gone…but I’ve stayed. For those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning, THANK YOU! It might be a cliché but words are truly not enough to say how thankful I am for your continued support.

While 2016 has been one of my best years, it didn’t come without challenges. There have been many ups and downs but one of the greatest things that ever happened was getting engaged. It’s the most exciting feeling in the world! 

In 3 weeks, André and I will be starting 2017 as a husband and wife. It’s definitely a HUGE change and I’m hoping and praying for a smooth transition. We’ve been both single for awhile before being in a relationship together but we’ve also been close friends for 5 years. It’s exciting to see how God turned things around to bring us closer together and taking us to another level. … View Post

A Little Reflection on 2016 and Some New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas

And just like that my friends…2016 is almost over and in a few days, we’re about to welcome a new year! 2016 has truly been a wonderful year for me. So many challenges and oppositions yet so many blessings and wonderful opportunities have come my way as well. 

A wise woman once told me…”When you see conflict, don’t see it as a breaking point. See it as a growth point.” This statement has truly opened my heart and mind. Because I’ve faced too many hardships in life, I thought I was already strong enough. But in 2016, there have been times when I felt like I was about to break down and give up on some people and in life in general. But just a couple of weeks ago, this statement came to me and it has lifted my spirit and has enabled me to see every obstacle that come my way as an opportunity to grow as a person and to become even stronger.

I may not be completely prepared for what 2017 has to offer and what good and bad things a married life can offer but I now know to have the right mindset for it. I’m entirely depending on God and His grace to carry me through this new season. One thing I know though…the best is yet to come in 2017.… View Post