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H-E-B Central Market Ice Cream

There's no doubt that we're definitely going to hit triple digit weather here in Houston! I mean, it's not even officially summer yet (let's wait a few more days, okay?) and we're already hitting high 90s! I am not complaining because I'm definitely a tropical girl and this body prefers hot versus cold winter days. Besides, summer is ALWAYS fun…in every sense – fashion, lifestyle, travel, and food! And by food, I really meant summer food like ice cream!

Last week, I gave you a sneak peek on Instagram of the Central Market small batch ice cream from H-E-B. To those of you guys who are not from Texas, H-E-B, is a huge grocery store chain in Texas, and definitely my favorite to shop at! I mean – they have everything from food to fashion and beauty – a one-stop-shop for sure!

Last Friday, I got invited to H-E-B's Ice Cream Social to try out more flavors of these Central Market, so I took my fiancé and a friend with me along wit a couple of local winners who also won a $50 H-E-B gift card each!

The flavors were all soooooo soooo good but I think the crowd favorite were the Saigon Cinnamon and Lemon Créme with Rosemary Shortbread. These are my personal favorites and the ones I actually was able to try at the social! 

These small batch ice cream are so good that I had to get me a couple more pints and try them again at home, just so I can have a better taste of it and give you an unbiased opinion. *Wink wink* 

Okay, maybe that's a little inaccurate because the truth of the matter is they're delicious and I just WANT MORE. The pints are smaller than the usual ones so it makes you want for more really. When I first picked them up, I almost thought they're not a pint. 

Pairing chocolate chip cookies and bananas with ice cream isn't a brainer, right? These two though really bring out the flavor of the Saigon Cinnamon. All three of them are just a match made in heaven. I don't know if it's even right to say, "I died and went to heaven…but I came back to have more…more Saigon CInnamon!" HA! 

Seriously the best snack to entertain your guests or kids with this summer.

H-E-B Saigon Cinnamon

Now, I never thought that a lemon-flavored ice cream will work. But I'm thrilled to let you know that this is actually the most delicious one you'd ever try if you're not a huge chocolate fan. It's a very refreshing flavor! Adding fresh strawberries and oh…Sweet Strawberry-Flavored Vinegar?! This was another one of those "I never thought" moments I had. This Acetum vinegar come in different flavors. Another thing I discovered and will replicate is adding olive oil in ice cream. It's super yummy! 

Here Are The Different Central Market Flavors

Chile Pepper Pecan – Crunchy, peppered, praline pecans and spicy chiles chopped in-house and infused into sweet vanilla ice cream. Pralines, pecans and chiles—talk about a taste of Texas! You'll love the mingling of iconic Texas pecans and peppers. 

Whiskey Honey –  Two words: Tennessee. Whiskey. Other goodies, too, like pure sugar cane syrup and golden honey. 

Tahitian Vanilla – Pure Tahitian vanilla blended into rich sweet cream gives this one a decidely tropical twist that's part ocean breeze and part childhood reflex memory of perfect vanilla. It's delicious on its own, but strong enough to make even the apple-y of apple pies better. Tahitian Vanilla is the ulitmate dessert wingman.

Dark Chocolate Ganache – dark chocolate ice cream swirled with bits of Belgian chocolate. Maybe it's the ganache that makes this one taste like a spoonful of chocolate moist, crumby chocolate cake.

Hazelnut Latte – With slow-toasted hazelnuts blended with sweet cream and blonde-roasted coffee, a quiet moment in a Vienna coffeehouse 

Saigon Cinnamon – Old-world Vietnamese cinnamon, brown sugar and tangy buttermilk. 

Coconut Ginger – If you don’t taste Thailand in one scoop of toasted coconut chips stirred into ice cream infused with freshly juiced ginger.

Jamaican Jam – dark rum, sweet cream and fresh, handmade date jam combined with a pinch of sea salt. 

Lemon Crème with Rosemary Shortbread – Zesty lemon crème and rosemary shortbread crumbles with a splash of buttermilk is what the sun tastes like on a beach vacation. 

You guys should check these flavors out. Head to your local H-E-B now!


Snapshots From the H-E-B Houston Ice Cream Social 



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