What You Need to Know About Essential Oils for Beauty, Chemical-Free Lifestyle and Your Overall Health and Wellness

A friend of mine has been raving so much about essential oils for about a few years now but I just couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around essential oils and how a seemingly simple plant or flower extract can be such a great source of anything and everything UNTIL on my wedding day. I was running around and was going up the stairs on the second floor of the venue and tripped and fell a few steps. (Palms on face!) Yeah, I cried and everyone surrounded me, hoping I was okay! Thankfully, I was. I knew for sure I was going to have some bruising. But my maid of honor always brings her favorite essential oils and swears by Purification from Young Living. She said she used it on her brother-in-law who supposedly got splintered walking on the grass and foot was in pain but upon rubbing essential oil on it, the pain immediately miraculously went away. So she put this on the possible areas where I could get bruising from my fall. Sure enough, I didn’t get bruising and I was totally fine the whole night!

So I finally got my hands on some Young Living Essential Oils (use member ID 11638072 if you would like to sign-up) because my husband was also suffering from sinus allergies and I wanted to find some natural remedies for him. I am not necessarily a big fan of prescription medicines knowing its long term effect on our body.

I decided to become a member of Young Living Essential Oils (use member ID 11638072 if you would like to sign-up) so I can get the kit which includes several essential oils. It has some of my favorites: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and  Frankincense. The starter kit also came with a diffuser which comes in very handy whenever I’d like to purify the air with some essential oils. Normally after a big get together here in our house.

There’s a lot to know about essential oils: its uses and benefits for beauty and overall health and wellness are almost limitless! But it takes SO MUCH time to do a research on what is what and what you can use for what and where among other things. There can also be a lot of confusing information out there so I like to stick to the experts.

Thankfully, there is a wonderful resource that I can conveniently access that has all the information that I need about essential oils and that is Herb + Essential Oils Super Bundle 2018.

This bundle is very helpful in my journey to slowly incorporating essential oils in to my husband and I’s lifestyle. Hoping to have a chemical-free home and chemical-free body pretty soon! If we only realize how much chemicals we incorporate in our lives on a daily basis and the harmful effects it has on us and our family, we would want to change our lifestyle to make it a habit to use natural remedies for ailments, natural ingredients for food and cleaning materials as well as our beauty products, as much as possible. This is where essential oils come in.

If you’re a beginner and you’d like to explore the wonderful world of essential oils, I highly recommend Herb + Essential Oils Super Bundle 2018. If you’ve been using essential oils for awhile and you want to start incorporating herbs in your lifestyle, I also recommend Herb + Essential Oils Super Bundle 2018.

It is jam-packed with information such as: (Below are just sampling only of what’s included)


  • DIY Natural Bath & Body Products by Carolina King ($10.00)
  • Essential Oil Make & Take Classes: Everything You Need To Know + Printables by Pam Farley ($39.00)
  • Essential Oils in Natural Body Care: Your How-to Guide to Creating Safer Skin Care Products  by Stacy Karen ($12.95)
  • + MORE!


  • Cooking with Herbs & Essential Oils by Kristyn Bango ($4.99)
  • Guide to Herbs & Spices by Irena Macri ($9.00)

Essential Oils     

  • 3-Month Membership to The Essential Oils Club – Inner Circle by Dr. Eric Z ($29.91)
  • Essential Oil Journal by Tonia Lyons ($8.99)
  • Essential Oil Profiles: Aromatherapy Reference Manual for the Everyday Beginner and Beyond by Lea Jacobson ($27.95)
  • Essential Oil Safety Cards by Kresha Faber ($7.00)
  • + MORE!

For Your Home     

  • Natural Living Green Cleaning by Tracy Robinson (0.99)
  • DIY Holistic Cleaning: Safe and Natural Ways to Clean Your Home and Workplace by Katie Schablon ($10.04)


  • Backyard Herbs: 10 Herbs to Forage for and How to Use Them by Heather Harris ($7.99)
  • The Backyard Apothecary by Kathie Lapcevic ($6.95)
  • Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard!) by Colleen Codekas ($12.00)


  • 1-Year Membership to The Herbarium by The Herbal Academy ($45.00)
  • Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs for Health by Anne Gibson ($6.99)
  • Herbal Bitters: 12 Recipes to Strengthen Your Digestion by Rosalee de la Foret ($14.99)
  • Herbal Tea Kick-Start Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Healing Herbal Teas by Kami McBride ($64.00)
  • + MORE!

Natural Remedies     

  • 15 Roller Bottle Recipes and Labels for Stress, Rest, and Mood by Rachel Zupke ($3.99)
  • DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit: The Herbal Remedies You Need to Pack Before You Leave Home by Chris Dalziel ($97.00)
  • Herbal First Aid & Home Care by Natalie Vickery ($12.00)
  • Herbal Projects for Sleep and Comfort by Angi Schneider ($9.99)
  • + MORE!

You will also love the following BONUSES!

  • FREE pair of leather diffuser earrings from The Oil Collection ($19.95)
  • FREE 2 oz. bottle of select supplements from TriLight Health ($12.95)
  • FREE citrus lotion & bug block sticks from MadeOn Skin Care ($16.80)
  • FREE 2-pack of soap from Puro Co ($15.00)

This Herb + Essential Oils Super Bundle 2018 contains 34 resources worth $567 if you were to buy individually but you can get for only $47 from Ultimate Bundles! This is such a great deal and a great source of information that you would want to add to your library! It will also make a great gift to an herb and essential oil lover whom you may know!



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