4 Tips To Throw An Epic Nautical-Themed BBQ Party this Summer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Summer is upon us! It only means one thing…lots of BBQ and outdoor parties! Here in the Caine household, we’ve already started hosting parties for our friends and families.

Throwing parties can be a lot of work. But it’s SO MUCH fun! There’s nothing like gathering the best people in your life and seeing them have a good time.

If you’re planning to host one this summer, here are some tips for ya!

1. Throw a themed party.

If you’re planning to host one this summer, here’s an idea: throw a themed party! A nautical theme at that! It’s easy to put together since party stores normally carry nautical theme decors already.

A theme can set the tone of the party. It creates the first impression and the atmosphere in your party. When you have a theme and guests walk in, it gets them excited!

For this nautical theme, I picked up some pennant banners, table cloth, anchor and tied it to a tier tray, a lifesaver, some buckets, and mixed and matched it with stuff we already have in the house.

2. It’s all about the spread.

Your spread is the center of your party! It will be the “most visited” place in your backyard party so you have to make it quite impressive. BBQ is just that, BBQ. No need for elaborate food. When you say BBQ, your guests know what to expect.

Here are some simple food ideas:

  • Sliders
  • Grilled hotdogs in a bun
  • Grilled chicken
  • Grilled sausage
  • Grilled asparagus (to add some veggies)
  • Grilled corn
  • Chips and queso
  • Tropical fruits such as pineapple and watermelon

And most importantly: DRINKS

To keep your guests feeling cool all the time, be sure to provide a constant supply of drinks. My drink of choice is Dr Pepper. We always serve Dr Pepper no matter what kind of party we throw because it has just that refreshing taste to it and the packaging is fun and individualized. For all of y’all millennials, here’s THE drink for you! #PickYourPepper packaging was designed by millennials for millennials, available at #Walmart.

And the best part about it is I can conveniently pick it up from our local Walmart which is only a couple of miles from our home. I normally get the 12-pack 12 oz cans but I also get the 20oz bottles.

By the way, when you buy Dr Pepper 6/15-8/15 this summer, you can upload your receipt at www.drpepper.com/walmartto get the prize featured in my blog here and/or other prizes like:

Spend $5 get 5 bottles = Dr Pepper Retro Specs

Spend $10 get 10 bottles = Dr Pepper Copper Lined Mug

Spend $20 get 20 bottles = Dr Pepper Bluetooth Speakers

Spend $30 get 30 bottles = Dr Pepper Pool Float

Be creative in how you put your Dr Pepper drinks together in your spread. I did my 12oz cans in a rustic tier tray and tied an anchor to it to keep the theme and I put some of the 20oz bottles in a bucket.

3. Keep the other décor simple.

 No need to spend on other theme party things like wall decors, etc. Put all your décor efforts in your spread, because like I said, that will be the center of attraction. For our outdoor patio, I just changed out our outdoor pillows to red, white and blue to match the theme. If you have some solid blue or red pillows, that’s fine too. Just don’t put too much effort in the actual home or patio décor.

4. Have fun!

Best of all, have fun!Throwing parties can be stressful for the hosts. But remember to have fun. Remember to mingle with your friends and family and just enjoy the moment. Sip some cold Dr Pepper, eat hotdogs, chips, and queso!




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