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Have you ladies heard of Stitch Fix? I'm almost 100% sure that many of you have but in case you haven't…basically, Stitch Fix is like your fashion-shopping service/stylist. 

If you hate shopping but love clothes and accessories, then Stitch Fix will work for you! I know that while many of us women are fashionistas, not many of us claim to love shopping. This will also work pretty well for busy moms and corporate professionals who barely even have time to eat lunch, how much more shopping. (Ahem, but happy hour is important so they find time for it!)

Stitch Fix Review

How It Works

So how does Stitch Fix works? First you have to create an account online for free. You can sign up using Facebook or your email. I personally don't like linking my Facebook to shopping sites. 


Next, you will be prompted to take a style quiz so that your Stitch Fix stylist will know exactly what you want. The quiz takes about 5 minutes or less. It is quite detailed. They ask anywhere from the kind of lifestyle you have to determine the clohting pieces that you normally wear to your sizing. They will also ask about your budget or how much you normally spend on a piece so only according to that is what they'll send you. For example, <$50 for tops, jeans, dresses, etc. 




Once you're done with your style quiz, you can schedule on when you want your box delivered to you. You can have it on a certain date only or delivered it regularly. 


What I Got In My Box

So I got to try a box for free and received 3 pieces of clothing and 1 accessory. Everything in my box was on point! It's as if my stylist and I were BFF's! I thought she did a great job! 




 If you would like to see what Stitch Fix all about, I suggest trying it out! They do charge a $20 styling fee which you can use towards your final order. You only pay what you keep. The box comes with a shipping bag and a prepaid label so all you have to do is stuff the items you don't want to keep and drop if off in the mail. Go to for more information!










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  1. August 18, 2016 / 3:42 AM

    Lovely hairstyle and smile as per usual.  Nice outfits you've put together also.  I like the blue floral dress the most of these outfits.  I am sure even the advice offered here is much appreciated.