Spring Outfit Inspiration: How To Put Together a His & Hers Memorial Day Outfit

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Memorial Day is right around the corner and it’s one of those holidays when you can just have a little fun with your outfits with your partner, spouse or the whole family.

I know it may seem like it’s a lot of work to coordinate outfits but trust me, it’s fun and you can get the whole family or your spouse involved and make the whole thing exciting.

Putting together a Memorial Day his & hers outfit isn’t really that difficult. Why? There is a theme already (in this case, Memorial Day, and you already know the colors involved – red, white, and blue.

Now your spouse might think it’s a little corny but it’s how you present it to them, right? If you make light of it, they just may not give importance to it. So make it seem like it’s really important to you…ladies, get it? And no, I don’t mean, you have to shed tears over it and go all emotional with your hubby, but just a little talk of how fun it is and how much it will mean to you if you guys show up to your friend’s party all matched up in your outfit.

The key to putting together a his & hers Memorial Day outfit is comfort for both you and your spouse. Memorial Day parties are normally backyard or park BBQ parties so although you might want to show up in style, you still want to be comfortable, especially in the heat.

Most of the time you already know what your partner or husband likes so you can just put together the outfit for him. But if not, you can always ask him. For men, it’s mostly shorts and shirts. Fairly easy, right? And you can coordinate with a pair of shorts or stylish top or a dress in red, white, and blue colors.

Now comfortable shoes are very important. Memorial Day parties aren’t necessarily the best day to get so fancy with your shoes. It’s all about comfort! So you can last the day and have fun at the same time without hurting your feet.

I have recently discovered the brand Pikolinos and highly recommend it. There are styles that are available for both men and women. They’re comfortable and have colors available that are great all summer long. The shoes are so comfy, it’s almost as if you’re not wearing any. My husband and I both loved the styles that we picked. He got the Pikolinos Belfort and I got the Pikolinos Mykonos which are both available at Zappos.

Not sure if you guys shop at Zappos. If you do, great! You already know about their excellent customer service, fast shipping, 365 return policy,  and the hundreds of brands and variety of styles they carry for both men, and women.

Our Pikolinos shoes have quickly become our go-to shoes in such a short period of time because of the style and comfort it offers.

And although Pikolinos might be a new brand to you and me, they actually have been in the business of creating comfortable footwear for 34 years! Why have I not know them sooner?

Again, the key to coordinating Memorial Day outfits is not just style but also comfort. Whatever outfit you decide to go with, be sure comfort is key. And check out Pikolinos at Zappos.com. I can’t recommend them enough.

Her Shoes: Pikolinos Mykonos

His Shoes: Pikolinos Belfort

Photography by: Prashant M.


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