How To Host A Block Party With A Wow Factor

Summer is the perfect time for parties! You can totally make use of your backyard or patio as the perfect spot to gather friends and neighbors if you’re planning on hosting a block party. Whether you’ve just moved in to your neighborhood or you’ve been there for a long time, it’s always fun to host one. 

There are a couple of ways to do a block party: You do it simply or you do it with a WOW factor! 

I know you’re probably thinking that parties are tedious. Not only do you have to prepare food but you also have to put the decor and everything else involved.

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A Hint of Blush

Ladies, let’s admit it. While dresses are cute and comfy, nothing can be more comfortable than a pair of jeans. If I am not mistaken, for the most part, most of us will wear jeans if we can, right? Especially when we have to do errands and all that. 

And jeans don’t always have to be the blue denim. If you’d like to try something different sometimes, check out this Altar’d State DIstressed Jeans. It’s got a really nice blush color and the rip in the knee area adds the perfect touch to casual! They look so much better in person. If you also prefer mid-waist jeans like I do, this pair is just that. I really don’t like low-rise jeans and have to worry about the crack showing when I bend over or sit down, ya know? I get grossed out when sitting at a restaurant and I see someone’s crack just showing…can we just be real?! Alright, moving on.

This embroidered Altar’d State top is really cute too! Love, love, love the embroidered details. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online. I personally got it from the store so if you have an Altar’d State in your area, I suggest calling them or visiting them to see if they have this in stock. I also found other embroidered styles here. 

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Where To Dine in Houston: Le Colonial

Houston is very multicurally diversed and that’s one of the things I truly love about this city. Part of our diversity is food! I’ve said before – when it comes to dining and places to hang, we don’t disappoint. 

Craving for anything specific? Just ask, we might have it! We’re huge on food trucks as well as fine dining and anything in between. That’s how we Texans roll! We can wear boots while trying on every dish at a Food Truck Festival or wear stilettos at a fine dining! 

You feel like eating BBQ? Of course we have it! You feel like eating South African food, we have it as well! How about some Italian, French, Mexican, or Asian? We have them all!

Speaking of Asian, do you know that, based on the most recent census, the Asian population is Houston’s fastest growing group? And a lot of Houstonians have to come love Vietnamese food, including yours truly. Unlike in Miami where I came from a decade ago, Houston has a ton of Vietnamese restaurants from mom and pop to elegant ones and not all of them are created equal!

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How To Do Your Laundry Right

Here’s another one of the many confessions I’ve made on this blog: I didn’t use to do laundry before I got married. And no, not that I wear dirty clothes all the time (or I would have not found a husband!). I just didn’t do them since my mom lived with me. I guess that’s one of the benefits when you’re all grown up and your parent lives with you. They can alleviate you from doing all the other chores on your own, such as…the laundry! 

But when I got married, I had to start doing the laundry. Ha, fun stuff! Doing laundry seems like an easy chore right? But there’s a few factors that come with it so that your clothes come out cleaner.

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Where To Hang and Dine In Houston: Axis Lounge at Royal Sonesta Hotel

If Houston is known for anything (other than “Houston, we have a problem!”), it would be that we definitely have a ton of places that are good to dine! We’re not only known for our Southern hospitality but we’re also famous for our good food – from food trucks and casual restaurants to fine dining and bars and lounge, Houston will not disappoint! 

If you’re a local, then you’re probably familiar with Royal Sonesta by the Galleria. But do you know that inside Royal Sonesta is Axis Lounge? It is a sleek and uncrowded spot for a happy hour with your friends. Its menu has recently been re-hauled by Executive Chef Robert Graham who previously served as the Executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton in Florida as well as private El Dorado Golf & Beach Club in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Axis Lounge menu covered every palette from Chicken Liver Pate made with local honey and a Crispy Baguette to a bar favorite 44 Farms Sliders made with lettuce, tomato, pickle, american cheese and Axis’s special sauce.

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