My Winter Wedding Series: The Groom’s Look


If there's one area in planning our wedding that's probably the smoothest, it would be finding the look for my groom and his groomsmen. I'm grateful that my husband is fashion-conscious himself so it wasn't so difficult to put together a look for him and his guys. 

In the beginning, it really was just a matter of picking what color tux would go with our main wedding colors which were cream, gold, and blush. We initially played with the idea of a black and white tux and then tan. For some reason, black never came up as an option. We wanted something different. But the black and white or tan tuxes didn't seem fit so we ended up with a navy tux for him and his best man and groomsmen. 

My husband (then fiancé) opted to rent tuxes instead of buying one. Thankfully, Men's Wearhouse, has the option to rent tuxes and they have the color that we picked. He's always shopped at Mens' Wearhouse for his formal wear needs so that was his first go-to place.

The process was fairly easy as well. All we did was go to and choose from the Pre-Styled Looks that they already have since they have the navy tux that we were looking for. What I love about the Pre-Styled Looks is they already have the items from head to toe, including the bow tie or necktie, cufflinks, and shoes. However, you can still change bits and pieces from the look to make it fit for your wedding style. That is what we did since we were looking for particular color and pattern for the bow and neckties. 

Once we have selected the look for him and his guys, we created an account, a group/event, and then provided the names of the men who will be renting. When we had all of that, all the guys had to do was show up to a local Men's Wearhouse with their group number, and get measured. We had groomsmen from all over so being able to go to a Men's Wearhouse that's close to them and not to a particular location was a HUGE plus. Once that's all set, all they had to do was pick up their tuxes a couple of days before the wedding. Everything was smooth! We've never heard of any issue from any one of them as far as the process and fit.

If, for whatever reason though, the tux is small or big, all you have to do is let them know and they should be able to exchange it.

I will be publishing another blog post next week with the Groomsmen look so stay tuned!

Details of The Groom's Outfit:

Groom's Tux: Men's Wearhouse
Groom's Bow Tie: Opulent Bow Tie from The Tie Bar 
Groom's Cuff Links: Gold version of the Duality Cufflinks from The Tie Bar
Groom's Boutonniere: Kroger Floral Department



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