Instagram Round-Up: Philippines Travel Outfits

Time for another travel outfit instagram round-up. If you’re following me on Instagram (which I hope you are!), you know that my husband and I went to the Philippines on the first week of February.

It was a little “random” because my husband and I were actually planning to go to the Bahamas for our first anniversary but when an opportunity to travel with a friend, thought it’d be great to have my husband go to the Philippines and see my roots. ┬áThankfully, he willingly obliged, although he didn’t know what to expect. Anyway, more about the trip on another post.

For the meantime, here’s a round-up of some of the outfits I posted on Instagram. Please excuse some of the blurry photos as I tried to zoom in some of them.

Boho Maxi Dress with Floral Embroidery
This maxi dress is really pretty in person. It’s got colorful embroidery lining the neck and runs down the middle of the dress to the bottom. The material is kind of sheer so it comes with another lining dress. This can also be a cover-up.

Revolve “Lovewave” One Piece Floral Swimsuit
This one-piece swimsuit is quite modest. It is tie-back but the bottom cut is a bit high. Still quite modest in my opinion. You can wear it with or without straps, it’s got enough support.

Adreamly Pom Pom Trip Kaftan Cover-Up
This lovely cover-up is a good buy at $16! Really good quality in person and is available in 7 other different colors. You can get one in every color!

Cocoship Two-Piece High-Waisted Swimsuit
If you’re looking for a high-waisted swimsuit, check this out! It’s available in different colors and prints and is of great quality, considering the inexpensive/affordable price.

Hola Beachachas Tank Top
Definitely one of my most favorite purchases recently. It kinda opens in the back so it’s will make a great half cover-up as well. Wore it at the beach with a pair of shorts though.

Rampage “Do Not Disturb” Floppy Hat
Can’t go on beach vacation without this wide-rim hat. It’s very functional and such an attention-getter!

Blue Pepper One Shoulder Romper
You can hardly tell here that this is a romper. But it’s definitely a cute one! Rompers are pretty comfortable when traveling…except when you have to use the restroom! (LOL)

Temptme One-Piece Off-Shoulder/Strap Swimsuit
Here’s another one of my favorite swimsuit buys recently. You can wear it off-shoulder and with straps or without. It’s modest yet sexy. I also like the palm print. But it also comes in florals I believe.

With the exception of the Revolve “Lovewave” One Piece Floral Swimsuit, you will notice that most of these items are from Amazon. What can I say? Other than I’m a big fan. I love how customer-centric they are. Besides, they pretty much have everything from fashion to technology. If you haven’t shopped on Amazon yet, you might be missing out!


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