First 2018 Fall Outfit Inspiration: A Sporty Crossover Between Summer and Fall

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So Fall is here…what can I say? In the first few weeks of Fall in Texas, it’s kind of a joke. We still get mid 90 degree weather pretty much on a daily basis. But no complaint here at all. I’ll take warm weather versus cold anytime! Having longer “summer” time in Houston is quite an advantage for me. However, I have read from forecasts that we will be experiencing some really cold weather this season. Yikes!

Right around this time, Houstonians tend to have a fashion crisis! Some wear boots or booties and some wear sandals and we’ve learned not to roll our eyes or laugh at other people or ourselves because that’s just how we need to roll in Texas fall! We mostly do a crossover of styles between summer and fall.

Just like today’s outfit. My tweed/twill jacket is about a year or two old. But I couldn’t seem to let it go because it’s not only perfect for fall but it’s a great business casual jacket/blazer that is pretty versatile, as you can see. I found something quite similar on Amazon and is inexpensive. I also found this plaid A. Byer one that will be great for the way I styled my jacket here.

The fact of the matter is that you can style any jacket or blazer however you want this season…because fall is all about that! It’s all about mixing and matching, layering, and all that.

And if you’re on the hunt for some good deals on some fall items, Shopbop is having a major sale starting tomorrow until September 29! You get 20%OFF purchase that’s below $500 and 25% for purchases above $500. Because I’m a VIP member (it’s FREE to sign-up here), I got early access today and already ordered a few items.  By the way, this discount covers some of the items that are already on sale, so that’s double win!

I mostly got fall items though such as sweaters and jackets from the sale and can’t wait to get them. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well cuz I will definitely be showing a sneak peek!

You might also want to check out their Fashion Finds under $200 and the Sale Picks under $100.



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