Fall Outfit Inspiration: How to Style Distressed Jeans in Fall

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A lot of people shy away from styling a pair of distressed jeans in fall and winter because of the weather. Of course, that’s quite different here in Houston where we can style it all year long.

But there IS a way around it and although I didn’t show it on this post, I’m about to tell you that right now: The easiest way to still be able to style a pair of distressed jeans in fall and winter when the weather is cold is to wear a pair of tights underneath it. Simple, right? I’m sure to some of you, it’s a no brainer…but to some it may be a DUH moment.

I’d like to do it to couple of ways though. Sometimes I’d wear a pair of nude tights or leggings to make it seem like it’s I have no tights underneath or wear black tights/leggings and make it look patchy. Either way, it works.

There’s also a few items that perfectly match with distressed jeans. You can style it with button downs for the boyish look, dressy blouses for a chic look and sweaters for casual rugged look matched with a hat. Shopbop has some really cute winter hats.  A pair of booties will definitely kick the look up a notch. These House of Harlow 1960 Booties are one of my best booties this season. I must admit, they are a little tough to put on so be sure to wear a pair of thin socks to make it easier to slide.

However you style a pair of distressed jeans this fall, the best way you can wear it is to wear it with confidence! And that applies to any piece of clothing you wear.

Do you own a pair of distressed jeans? If so, how do you normally style it? Share in the comments section below.


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