Couple Holiday Photos Outfit Inspiration: How to Transition to Another Outfit Effortlessly

Yesterday, I shared some 5 Tips for a Beautiful Couple Holiday Photos. If you missed that post, you can read it here. One of my tips and the very first one was all about the outfit. 

I suggested having another set of outfit if budget and photographer time allow. It’s always great to have another set of photos with different outfits.

In our case, I really tried to keep it simple to save time in changing outfits.  During this time, the sun goes down so fast so I don’t want to have to waste a lot of time in changing outfits. 

So what I did to coordinate this second outfit was add a quick variation. I was still wearing the same denim dress and my husband was still wearing the same jeans and shirt. We are also still wearing our Tecovas boots which we both LOVE by the way! The quality and craftsmanship is very impressive. Not to mention that it’s very comfortable. It also means a lot that it’s designed here in Texas!

So for this outfit, as I’ve mentioned, we just added a quick variation. My husband added a black jacket and a red flower lapel for a pop of color and I wore my old red tulle skirt. 

By the way, a flower lapel makes a man’s overall outfit so sexy! When my husband and I were just friends, I gifted him with some flower lapel pins one Christmas. He was hesitant to wear it because he wasn’t sure if men really do wear them. He later caught up to it and now couldn’t help adding them to his outfits! 

Amazon has great variations of flower lapel pins at very affordable cost but I believe he got his from Men’s Wearhouse. 

My red tulle skirt is old and was gifted but I found some cute red tulle skirts from Amazon as well. 

The transition from the previous outfit to this second outfit was very effortless. In fact, my husband I think was wearing his jacket with the flower lapel already on while we were walking towards another part of the location and putting on my skirt literally took less than 10 seconds. 

If you can create a second look like this effortlessly, you can definitely squeeze in two outfits in an hour of photo session with your photographer.

Speaking of which, if you are ever in the Houston area, check out the work of our photographer Prashant. We love working with him. He makes photoshoots so effortless and he captures the best moments! 

My vision for this second set is a bit whimsical and I couldn’t have been more happy with how Prashant¬†captured these photos.¬†


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