Expert Tips on How to Host a Luxurious Bridal Shower

I didn’t know that I had a knack for styling an event until I had planned and put together my own wedding a year and a half ago. If you missed those posts, you can check them out here. I planned everything from the invitations to the decorations with input from my husband on the food, venue and suits for his groomsmen. We got a ton of compliments and to this day, our guests were still raving about our wedding.

Although I enjoy styling an event and have considered adding it to my services, I know that my natural skills are not enough to be a professional in this industry so I sought some help from a local expert and put the tips into practice by styling my own luxurious bridal shower party in our backyard.

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Gelato Bar: A Fun Addition At Your Wedding Your Every Guest Will Love

When we were planning our wedding, we were thinking of something fun to add to the reception for guests to enjoy. We had a sweets bar with cookies, kisses chocolate, and brownies, in addition to the bride and groom cake and we had cocktail hour too. One thing we have to cut back on is the liquor. We decided not to serve liquor because we are not big drinkers and don’t believe any of our guests are either. That’s one…

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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

For most DIY brides like myself, the question that always pops-up is if she should hire a Day of Coordinator and it’s understandable why. A Day of Coordinator is not cheap and because every dollar counts when it comes to wedding planning, a lot of times, this part is what’s being considered cut off.

If you’ve already spent months of planning your wedding and you have every detail of it down to the T, everything should go well on your wedding day, correct? Wrong. Most brides assume that just because you have put together your wedding that everyone will be on board and the day will go smoothly.

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Floral Elements

Our wedding wasn’t a fairy tale wedding by no means…but it’s definitely the closest thing to it! I hope you have been following my wedding series closely and if you haven’t, you can catch up with the series by clicking here. 

I was very hands on in our wedding planning process. In fact, we opted not to hire a wedding planner, due to, number one, staying in budget and number two, I would like to see what’s going on every step of the way. Unless you have thousands and thousands of money to spend on your wedding, knowing your budget and staying in it is key. My husband and I decided that we will not get in debt because of the wedding. Yes, it only happens once it a lifetime. Yes, it’s only one day you can never take back. But it’s also one day which you have to consider that once it happens, there’s life to live and tackle. 

We decided to go with a venue that’s not only extremely gorgeous, reasonably priced, and allowed us to pick our vendors ala carte. Other brides prefer all-inclusive but I preferred that I could pick my own vendors. We did our own decor with the help of our lovely coordinators from Dovetail Wedding Coordination (more on this later) and our wedding party who, without even kidding, worked their butts off in putting together the decor. My girls and the coordinators were there since 9 AM and everyone started taking things out of the boxes and setting them all up. I’m so grateful that we had such a hard-working crew to help us out.

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Wedding Party Look Part 2: The Bridesmaids

Putting together the look of my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids was a little more challenging than I originally thought. I have envisioned a mismatched look for them – different styles with sequins and in our wedding colors. I had 8 girls, including my Maid of Honor, as you can see. 

I gave the girls a vision of what I was looking for as far as styles and colors and they each went on their way to find a dress they liked. It definitely wasn’t easy since they have different tastes, styles, and body type. As they find something that they liked, they checked with me to see if that will work. For some girls, it worked out right away and for others, we went through a few before it was finalized. 

My vision was for some of them to wear full sequined dresses and some of them a combination of a sequins and a different material and in specific colors. I think that’s where the challenge came in. Some dresses don’t come in their sizes and some aren’t available in the colors I would like for them to wear.  

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Wedding Party Look Part 1: The Groomsmen

Hope you guys are enjoying my wedding series thus far. If you missed any of those, you can just visit the Wedding category at the top on the navigation bar or you can click here. 

Last week, I shared you the look that my husband put together for himself. If you missed that post, click here. Today, I’m sharing with you the looks of the Wedding Party. This will be a 2-Part post, although you can already see here the look of both the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, my husband rented his tux from Men’s Wearhouse and so did his Groomsmen. He has selected a pre-styled look which was the Joseph Abboud Navy Satin. We substituted the color of the tie and the shoes to match our wedding colors.

Everyone looked pretty sharp in those navy tuxes, blush neckties, and brown shoes. We couldn’t be happier. We have received sooooo many compliments on how the Wedding Party looked and the Groomsmen themselves were pretty happy on how their looks turned out. 

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My Winter Wedding Series: The Groom’s Look

If there’s one area in planning our wedding that’s probably the smoothest, it would be finding the look for my groom and his groomsmen. I’m grateful that my husband is fashion-conscious himself so it wasn’t so difficult to put together a look for him and his guys. 

In the beginning, it really was just a matter of picking what color tux would go with our main wedding colors which were cream, gold, and blush. We initially played with the idea of a black and white tux and then tan. For some reason, black never came up as an option. We wanted something different. But the black and white or tan tuxes didn’t seem fit so we ended up with a navy tux for him and his best man and groomsmen. 

My husband (then fiancé) opted to rent tuxes instead of buying one. Thankfully, Men’s Wearhouse, has the option to rent tuxes and they have the color that we picked.

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My Winter Wedding Series: My Bridal Portrait Session

I can’t believe it’s been three and a half months since I’ve gotten married! Getting engaged last year was definitely one of the best and most exciting moments of my life, followed by the wedding planning. It’s been such a tremendous journey and looking back, even though we had a lot of ups and downs in planning the wedding and up until the wedding, I still had a wonderful time between planning and actually getting married!

Today, I wanted to share to you guys some photos from my bridal session with my very good friend and photographer @photog_p. Please check out his Insta gallery! He’s got some amazing photos. The guy has skills! I’ve been friends with him since 2009 and I’ve always loved his work. Let’s just say that we worked his butt off both at the bridal portrait session and our wedding! 

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