5 Free Google Chrome Extensions to Massively Increase Your Twitter Followers and Automate Your Account + Some Important Tips

For some marketers, business owners, and bloggers, Twitter is just another one of those social networking platform that don’t mean much. Just another social network to maintain. However, when utilized well, it can drive significant traffic to your blog or business. It’s also a great tool to connect with other business owners, brands, and/or bloggers. But most find it quite a challenge to grow their following organically and we can’t blame them. On this post, I’m sharing 5 Google Chrome…

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 6: 6 Surefire Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

A lot of people, who are new to online money-making opportunities or new to blogging per se, wonder how an income can be made just by blogging. I was one of them. What I love about blogging is that the blogger or owner of the blog is not stuck with just one income stream. There are literally multiple creative ways to make money. Best of all, the income that you earn is passive! You can be sleeping and earn while you sleep for as long as you have traffic! (This is true, no exaggeration!)

I know what you’re screaming in your head now…”Lynne! Just tell me how I can make money!”
Before I do, I want to suggest how to finish reading this post all the way to the end, before you start clicking on the links here. Keep your focus here first then read it for the second time while going through the links and signing up with the networks I mentioned. That way you don’t get distracted and before you knew it, it took you two hours to finish reading. With that said, here are some of the ways you can monetize on your blog.

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 5: 3 Easy Techniques To Build Great Content for a Successful Blog

The number one challenge that prevents most people from getting into blogging is…the fact that they need to write a valuable content, not once or twice but for as long they want to stay in the business. Ever heard of the saying “Content is king?” In blogging, this is specifically true…and not only is content a king…but it’s also cash!

Content is the core of your blogging business. It’s the life. It’s the main factor that will drive traffic to your blog and will have that traffic keep coming back! And before you can even drive traffic to your blog, you must already have valuable content in place. That’s why I wrote this post first before the part of my series in driving traffic.

Just like most people, I had this fear and strong uncertainty on what to put on my blog before I started. That’s what prevented me from starting mine for a very long time! But I overcame it when I discovered what my true passion is and that is helping other starting entrepreneurs by providing valuable business tips and advices. Now, coming up with blog post ideas is a breeze! Why? Because I talk and write about what I LOVE doing.

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 4: How To Install a Professional WordPress Theme

If you’re serious about building blogging as a business, then giving your blog a professional look isn’t an option. It’s an absolute must that your blog has a great look for FIVE reasons:

1. It builds credibility. It shows your visitors and your readers that you do know what you’re talking about and that you know and mean business.
2. It shows your professionalism.
3.It builds trust.
4.It attracts more visitors.
5. It shows that you care about your visitors and you want them to have a user-friendly experience on your website.

While there are many free Wordpress themes out there, I highly recommend purchasing a premium one. A small investment of $49-$79 (depending on the theme and the company), your blog will go a long way. Most premium theme companies offer support for a certain period of time and an upgrade fee if you would like to extend that support.

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From Adversity to Prosperity: How I Went From Being Laid Off to Earning a Six-Figure Income

Growing up in the Philippines, uprooted from the familiar, and brought to the land where many other people from all over the world would like to be…they said the United States is the land where milk and honey flow.

Our first destination and “home” for a decade was in Miami, Florida. You would think that I would consider it as the place of new beginnings…perhaps. Well, life has not been easy there but it was definitely better than the life we’ve lived in my country.

I was a fresh college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology but I never really practiced it. Somehow, it felt as if after spending expensive tuition in the university and literally hundreds of sleepless nights to earn my degree, me and Science never really clicked.  I took this degree because I felt that I wanted to be a doctor because my dad was a doctor. I took the advice of a great family friend that Medical Technology is the best preparatory for medicine and indeed it was! I learned a lot and even though it was just a preparatory degree, it felt as if we were already medical students. That’s how tough the training was.

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 3: How To Install A WordPress Blog

Congratulations! Now that you’re ready to take action, your first action step is to actually set up your Wordpress blog. If you’re not familiar with Wordpress, it is an open source, free blogging software, that millions of bloggers use. There are certainly other blogging software available but Wordpress is THE number one choice.

This portion of the Blogging for Profits Series is a little techie. But don’t be intimidated because it’s only a matter of time and you’ll find how breeze it is to set-up a Wordpress blog! Especially with all the one-click installer that’s now available in hosting platforms. 

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 2: Taking Action

READ ALL THE OTHER PARTS OF HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM BLOGGING SERIES Blogging for Profit Series 1: The Foundation Blogging for Profit Series 2: Taking Action Blogging for Profit Series 3: How To Install A WordPress Blog Blogging for Profit Series 4: How to Install a Professional WordPress Theme Blogging for Profit Series 5: 3 Easy Techniques to Build Great Content for a Successful Blog Blogging for Profit Series 6: 6 Surefire Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Blogging for…

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Blogging for Profits Series Part 1: The Foundation

Blogging is one of the most lucrative internet venture you can ever get into. Not only it is lucrative but it is one of the fastest way that you can start earning money online. With a consistent effort in blogging, you can see results financially in as little as 90 days! (Disclaimer: Results may vary.)

If those words made your heart beat fast and you got excited and you know for a fact that this is the online money-making way you want to pursue…first, you must establish the foundation and learn the basics. As the famous saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”  Fortunately, there is no shortcut to success. I said “fortunately” because it is through the process of trying to achieve something that we develop our characters. When we work hard to reach our goals, the success is sweeter and we put more value into it.

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