13 Amazingly Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. Can you guys believe it? I found myself the other day at the store buying additional  ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Last year was sort of a rush thing for me since we had just moved in October  in brand new home and I was not quite decided whether I wanted to put in the work in shopping for a tree and ornaments. However, I ended up going for it and by the time I decided on it, most blush/rose gold ornaments were already gone. Our Christmas tree last year had our wedding colors: gold and blush but I added silver in place of the ivory that we had at our wedding.

This year, I made sure that I go to the store earlier than usual so I can pick some beautiful ornaments. After going to the store the first time and spent 2.5 hours looking for ornaments, I was undecided on what to get and how to put them together so I found myself looking for some Christmas Tree Decorating ideas.

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31 Affordable Organizational Items To Keep Your Home Fully Organized Like a Pro

It’s been a few months since we’ve moved to our new home but…unpacking boxes, organizing the contents, and selecting and buying furniture can be a long process and can be very challenging as well.

Although we’ve  made a lot of progress, we still have a long way to go in organizing the little things here and there. Imagine combining two people’s stuff. My husband was in his old house for 18 years. He was single and lived by himself for such a long time so you can imagine that spring cleaning was probably never in his vocabulary. Bless his heart. We’ve already discarded and donated a lot but we still have a ton more to sort through. And being a blogger, I, too, have accumulated a bunch of stuff throughout the years. Although I make it a point to donate or give away yearly.

That being said, I found myself shopping for organizational products to keep our home organized and I’m sharing these items with you.

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Caine’s House Tour: Before Photos

I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time now but to be quite honest, I really didn’t take good photos of our house when we first moved in. However, while gathering some information about our property, I stumbled upon the Realtor.com listing with awesome photos. I got so excited that I grabbed them so I can share them with you!

We closed on our house October of last year (2017)  so it’s been about 10 months now since we’ve moved. Our house is pretty much furnished now with the exception of some empty walls and wall decors lying on the floor waiting for my husband to hang them.  Haha!

This is our first home together. My husband had his own house before we got married and I had mine. I moved to his house and we lived there for a few months until we sold it.

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What’s In My Pier 1 Style Box? A Quick Look at Home Decor Subscription Box

A couple of months ago, I received a Pier 1 Style Box and wanted to share with you what’s in the box. Pier 1 Style Box is a curation of Pier 1 home decor delivered right at your door step. This particular box is valued at $85 and sold for $49 but unfortunately it’s sold out. If you’re into subscription boxes and home decor, then you would enjoy Pier 1 Style Box. Let me tell you that this particular box is so…

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How To Set A Romantic Valentine’s Date Night at Home

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and you can bet that the finest restaurants are getting booked left and right. Not to mention that during this special day, prices can be ridiculously high. Not that you and your loved one don’t deserve it. But why not create a romantic date at home instead? Setting a romantic date at home may seem tedious at first.  However, there are more pros than cons. You can add some  special touches that your…

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How To Organize and Keep Your Vanity Counter Clutter-Free

One of my unofficial goals this year is to be more organized. I’m naturally a neat person but there is definitely a room for improvement in my organization department. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve moved into our brand new home. I must admit that organizing everything is such a long and tedious process. However, once you’ve got everything organized, it’s such a rewarding feeling. In addition, organizing our stuff eventually saves us time in the end because…

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How Your Smart Home Can Be Convenient During The Holidays

Seven days till Christmas y’all! I’m always amazed at how time flies. I remember around this time of the year last year, I was busy preparing for our wedding. I remember getting excited and stressed out all at the same time but it really was such a wonderful time in my life! And in about a month, it will already be our first anniversary!

As some of you may know, if you’ve read my previous post 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Smart Home and How to Have One, we’ve just moved into our brand new home a couple of months ago and we’re barely just getting settled.

From moving to unpacking to picking out the furniture that will go in every room in the house to decorating, moving can seriously test your stress threshold and patience! But we’re truly blessed so we can’t complain.

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3 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Smart Home and How to Have One

Y’all! We have just moved and it’s been a crazy journey so far. This move was long overdue but delays after delays have happened. Last June, we sold my husband’s bachelor home but we encountered some major roadblocks that prevented us from closing and moving in to our new home. But this couldn’t have come in a more perfect timing. My husband’s birthday is coming up in a few days, the holidays are just around the corner and in three months,…

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