A Little Reflection on 2016 and Some New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas

And just like that my friends…2016 is almost over and in a few days, we’re about to welcome a new year! 2016 has truly been a wonderful year for me. So many challenges and oppositions yet so many blessings and wonderful opportunities have come my way as well. 

A wise woman once told me…”When you see conflict, don’t see it as a breaking point. See it as a growth point.” This statement has truly opened my heart and mind. Because I’ve faced too many hardships in life, I thought I was already strong enough. But in 2016, there have been times when I felt like I was about to break down and give up on some people and in life in general. But just a couple of weeks ago, this statement came to me and it has lifted my spirit and has enabled me to see every obstacle that come my way as an opportunity to grow as a person and to become even stronger.

I may not be completely prepared for what 2017 has to offer and what good and bad things a married life can offer but I now know to have the right mindset for it. I’m entirely depending on God and His grace to carry me through this new season. One thing I know though…the best is yet to come in 2017.… View Post

Cape Town H-Town

Belated Merry Christmas! Hope you, lovelies, had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones. The holiday just went by so fast. 

This Christmas was a bittersweet one for me – it’s my last Christmas as Miss Gabriel and in 3.5 weeks, I will be Mrs. Lynne Gabriel-Caine. I may have a little bit of a separation anxiety with my last name (hahaha!) but I’m excited to be a wife and start a new Christmas tradition with my husband and our future family.

Anyway, on to the outfit…the holiday weekend in Houston felt like summer! But it’s not surprising. We have an erratic weather in Houston and it’s always evident during “winter” time. It may be snowing like crazy across the United States and it’s ridiculously warm in Houston.… View Post

Fall Outfit Inspiration by Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is one of my favorite stores. What’s not to like about it? It’s a one-stop shop, right? I love that you can walk in and find you’re looking for from head to toe. I also love how easy it is to find stuff because of the color scheming they have going on. If you’re looking for particular beige, black, or gold, you know exactly where to go in the store. That’s why it’s normally easy shopping for me when I walk-in. On the other hand, it’s also to do damage in your wallet, ha! Because you can easily walk away with a ton of stuff, probably more than what you came in looking for! 

Anyway, this whole outfit, with the exception of the boyfriend jeans, came from Charling Charlie. From my hat down to my booties, it’s all Charming Charlie! I remember when they first started years ago. It was just mostly accessories until they have slowly expanded to shoes and apparel as well. And the best part is they are budget-friendly! This is THE place for the budget fashionista. One can find a quality handbag, shoes, piece of clothing, and jewelry that fits your budget.… View Post

The Comfort and Style of Aerosoles

In case you’re wondering if I’m okay…I am! Although I haven’t been feeling quite well the past few days. I think the fact that our wedding is only 65 days away is starting to sink in and I’m stressing out about a few things. 

I promise you guys, I’ll stop counting down our wedding once it’s over! Ha! I actually never realized that it’s that close until someone specifically told me it’s only 65 days away! All I know is that there’s still a few things in my mind that I need to get done and I feel that I haven’t gotten it done yet. 

Anyway, enough of my wedding planning rants. 

These days, I’m really all about a balance of comfort and style. I just can’t imagine going around town, doing errands and meetings, and feeling uncomfortable overall – but most especially when it comes to my feet. And I feel like my feet are thanking me and smiling me whenever I’m wearing comfortable shoes and these Aerosoles “Mythology” Booties are just what can make my feet smile! … View Post

Rockin’ Rockport Booties from Zappos!

Happy Election Day, America! For those of you guys who are not in the US, I’m sure you know that today is election day here and we’re just totally hoping for the best! 

Anyway, the holidays are just around the corner and my wedding is in 2.5 months! Can you tell the hustle and bustle in the atmosphere already? I know I can! I was at the mall the other day and noticed how busy it already was. I am pretty sure that it’s even gonna be packed as the holidays get closer. Every year, I dread going to the mall during the holiday season – long check out lines, difficulty in finding a parking, etc. I will definitely opt for online shopping. Thankfully, there’s Zappos! 

For those of you who are concerned about shipping, return policities, delivery time, especially during the holidays – you definitely should check out Zappos.com. They have fast shipping and 365 days return policy. Who can beat that? Most online stores offer 14-30 days only. But I know some of us tend to forget that we have to return something and get past that 14-30 day window. It’s happened to me before so I’m stuck with a product that didn’t fit me right or didn’t like in person. That’s not the case when you shop at Zappos.… View Post

Cognac Floral Dress + Another Fabulous Giveaway

ello, Hello Beautiful People! Hope y’all had a great weekend. My weekend was a little off than my regular routine for the past year and a half with my fiancé. He’s having his birthday and bachelor’s party with his crew in Las Vegas so I’ve just been working a lot over the weekend, trying to get as much done with the wedding planning as possible. 

LIke when does planning my wedding ever end? When I thought I’m done, I would see some ideas from a blog or Pinterest, and I would be starting another project for my wedding. It seems it’s like never ending! But thankfully, come January, I will just be relaxing. I hope. Most of the major stuffs have already been done.

On to today’s outfit, it’s just a really simple floral dress that I picked up from the Nordstrom at Northpark Center during my trip to Dallas about a month and a half ago. We went shopping at that mall and decided that going to Nordstrom was the best place to stay for a couple of hours since they have everything. … View Post

Summer in Fall in Houston

I couldn’t be more happy that it still feels kinda like summer in Houston. The cold really hasn’t come yet. But then again, this is Houston. We really do have more warm days than cold! 

That being said, it’s not uncommon to see Houstonians in shorts and boots or booties! That’s just how we roll! I used to think that we have quite a bit of an “identity” crisis during season transitions because some of us would be wearing sandals or flip flops and sundresses while others wearing sweaters and boots on the same day with high 80’s weather. It’s truly a sight to observe! … View Post