What To Wear To A Summer Wedding Part 1: Lace Skater Dress

Wedding season is upon us and if you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer and you have no idea what to wear yet, well here’s one!

There are several different factors to determine the best or most appropriate outfit for the wedding occasion that you’ve been invited to such as time, location and theme.

At our wedding a few months ago, it was held in a manor in a beautiful, elegant setting so we asked kindly our guests to wear a semi-formal to formal outfit to attend. That’s just to keep the atmosphere classy like we have envisioned it to be. I was a DIY bride and have put a lot of thought and effort in putting it together and would hate for some guests to show up in jeans to distract or be out of place or order.

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Instagram Mini Round-Up: Summer Outfits

My first Instagram round-up ever! And it’s just a mini-one. In my 6 years of blogging, I’ve never really done one but in the beginning of summer, I posted quite a few outfits on my Instagram that have never been on the blog so thought I’d share with you guys here.

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Off-The-Shoulder Top in Lexus Style

If you’re following me on Instagram (@heyitslynneg), you’ve probably seen this sneak peek post a couple of months ago. Yup, back in April! And if you did, you would have read in the caption that I got to test drive the Lexus rh450 which was freaking amazing, by the way.

Yup, that week, we got to go to the Houston Shell Open and enjoy VIP seats while watching golf. Thanks to Lexus! Can’t wait for next year’s golf tournament again.

My husband and I absolutely loved driving Lexus rh450. The vehicle we got to test drive came in the Autumn Shimmer color which was sort of a fusion of copper and burnt orange. There was nothing like that color that I’ve seen before. Although it was different, I still would love my car to be in pearl white which I believe rh450 comes in that color.

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A Hint of Blush

Ladies, let’s admit it. While dresses are cute and comfy, nothing can be more comfortable than a pair of jeans. If I am not mistaken, for the most part, most of us will wear jeans if we can, right? Especially when we have to do errands and all that. 

And jeans don’t always have to be the blue denim. If you’d like to try something different sometimes, check out this Altar’d State DIstressed Jeans. It’s got a really nice blush color and the rip in the knee area adds the perfect touch to casual! They look so much better in person. If you also prefer mid-waist jeans like I do, this pair is just that. I really don’t like low-rise jeans and have to worry about the crack showing when I bend over or sit down, ya know? I get grossed out when sitting at a restaurant and I see someone’s crack just showing…can we just be real?! Alright, moving on.

This embroidered Altar’d State top is really cute too! Love, love, love the embroidered details. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online. I personally got it from the store so if you have an Altar’d State in your area, I suggest calling them or visiting them to see if they have this in stock. I also found other embroidered styles here. 

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All The Right Kind of Blues

School is out…June is here…and the Texas summer heat has officially begun! 

Texas heat is no joke. Although I’ve always preferred warm weather versus cold, this girl can get hot too sometimes. But it’s nothing that cold drinks and some comfy and cozy off-the-shoulder dresses could fix!

This trend is nothing new, I’m sure you know. It’s made its way back since Spring and it’s here to stay for a few more months for as long as it’s warm. In Texas, it translates into at least late October or early November. We normally have longer summer than every one else. I’m totally cool with that because it means that I get to wear more fun summer dresses just like this chambray off-the-shoulder dress from Altar’d State. They also have it in a slightly different style here and in a cute romper style. 

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