Drop Those Fake Lashes! Here’s How To Grow Your Eye Lashes Naturally

I’m usually not the one to wear fake lashes on a daily basis. The only time I’ve ever worn fake lashes was at my wedding. Other than that, I don’t remember any other time that I’ve worn any. But last year, I had the opportunity to try fake lashes from a local lash studio. I wondered though how to grow your eyelashes naturally. Since I’ve never tried weave-in lashes, I really didn’t know what to expect as far as maintenance. My…

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Dry Season + Giveaway!

The dry and cold days are upon us and usually, the first two things that get the impact is our health and our skin. Can we say, “yikes!”? Last season, about the same time, I was attacked with eczema, which I thought at first was some kind of skin allergy. So I went to see an allergy specialist and came to find out it’s just eczema and it’s all because I really didn’t take care of my skin. Well, I…

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What You Need to Know About Essential Oils for Beauty, Chemical-Free Lifestyle and Your Overall Health and Wellness

and everything UNTIL on my wedding day. I was running around and was going up the stairs on the second floor of the venue and tripped and fell a few steps. (Palms on face!) Yeah, I cried and everyone surrounded me, hoping I was okay! Thankfully, I was. I knew for sure I was going to have some bruising. But my maid of honor always brings her favorite essential oils and swears by Purification from Young Living. She said she used it on her brother-in-law who supposedly got splintered walking on the grass and foot was in pain but upon rubbing essential oil on it, the pain immediately miraculously went away. So she put this on the possible areas where I could get bruising from my fall. Sure enough, I didn’t get bruising and I was totally fine the whole night!

So I finally got my hands on some Young Living Essential Oils (use member ID 11638072 if you would like to sign-up) because my husband was also suffering from sinus allergies and I wanted to find some natural remedies for him. I am not necessarily a big fan of prescription medicines knowing its long term effect on our body.

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Get Brighter, More Radiant and Younger Looking Skin Through Photofacial or IPL

Have you ladies heard of photo facial? IPL? Intense Pulse Light? Maybe. Honestly, I have never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago.

If you’ve seen my How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat Effectively Through Cryolipolysis post, you know that I’ve recently visited Laser Girl Skin Care and Med Spa here in Houston. They offer a wide range of services from simple laser hair removal to non-invasive fat “removal” through cryolipolysis to different skin care treatments such as IPL or Intense Pulse Light, more commonly known as photo facial.

If you’re in the Houston area, I highly recommend Laser Girl Skin Care and Med Spa. The owner, Alyssa, is not only highly-skilled and knowledgeable as to what treatment is best for you, but she totally makes sure that you’re comfortable prior to getting any treatment and during any procedure. I realized that not all med spas are created equal! There are some that are too commercialized and then there’s Laser Girl Skin Care and Med Spa that makes you feel like you have a truly caring and highly skilled mom who’s treating your skin to make you look more beautiful!

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What’s In The Urban Decay Born to Run Collection

I recently got a hold of Urban Decay’s Born to Run Collection and I’m super ecstatic. First of all, the packaging of each product is over the top! Being a lover of travel, I absolutely love the concept of this collection.

Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette has 21 shades palette with colors that you can mix and match to create a look that will fit your destination and occasion, day or night! From neutrals to exotic and vibrant colors of greens and purples, this is definitely a travel pal when it comes to make-up!

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PopSugar Must Have Box Review: What’s In My PopSugar MustHave Summer 2018 Subscription Box?

It’s that time again to reveal to you what’s inside my PopSugar Must Have Box Summer 2018. If you missed the revelation of the Limited Edition Winter 2017 Box, click here.

PopSugar Must Have Box used to be monthly but they recently changed it to quarterly and the Summer 2018 is their first ever quarterly box. Let me tell you this…I have had subscription boxes before but nothing beats PopSugar Must Have. The value that they put in every box is pretty amazing! It’s packed with swoon-worthy goodies.

You can subscribe quarterly for $75 + FREE shipping or save $30 if you subscribe annually and only pay $270.

By the way, I must mention that the products in each box are actual sizes and not sample sizes. For $75, that’s a HUGE win! You’re definitely getting the most bang out of your buck. Who doesn’t like that?

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How to Have Stronger Nails, Lustrous Hair, and Healthier Skin in One Easy Step

There’s no doubt that as we age, we lose some of the nutrients necessary for our overall cellular health. The food we eat, stress, our environment, lack of sleep, and daily activities – all of these affect our overall health and wellness, including hair, skin, and nails, believe it or not. Our skin, being the largest organ of the body, is the first one to show signs when something is not right on the cellular level. Sadly, our hair and…

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4 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage This Summer

   Summer is fast approaching and with summer, obviously, comes a lot of heat and exposure to the sun. Here in Houston, Texas, as early as May, we are already getting into 90 degrees and I already know what summer is going to be like, having lived here for the past 11 years. With BBQ parties, summer travels, and beach or pool parties, prolonged sun exposure is expected. However, no matter how much you’d love your tan, you will realize…

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