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River Oaks

As much as I love Mondays (it's my favorite day), I will not lie that Saturdays are my second favorite because I get to spend the whole day with my boyfriend and we just usually drive around the city, eat out, shop and chill.  We do see each other every night after he gets off work but we frequent Starbucks and I end up working on my computer while he plays Angry Birds on his phone and drink coffee. He already started complaining that I work too much so I've been trying to lessen working and always being on my phone or computer when I'm with him. When blogging and social media is your job, your phone is like your business partner but it can be exhausting as well because you tend to not be in the moment.

River Oaks Shopping Center

Anyway, a few Saturdays ago, he and I headed to the River Oaks Shopping Center just to spend some time with each other.  See, River Oaks is such a prominent part of town and River Oaks Shopping Center has a ton of places to shop and restaurants to eat at! It was such a beautiful Saturday and we truly enjoyed our time out.

Starting Our Satur-Date with a Brunch

We started our day off by having brunch at La Madeleine Country French Cafe. This isn't my first time at La Madeleine but it's my first time in this location. I've always loved the ambience at any La Madeleine's cafe. And of course…the FOOD! This place was packed when we visited the place. 

La Madeleine

La Madeleine Country French Cafe

Their menu looks great but since it was brunch, my boyfriend and I decided to each get crepes. And boy oh boy (in the words of my boyfriend's dad!), the crepes were deeeeeeelicious, I almost forgot my name after eating it! We also ordered soup – I got the French Onion and he got the Tomato Basil soup which were both delicious as well. 

La Madeleine Country French Cafe

If you're an avid coffee drinker just like myself, you have got to try any of their coffee. 

It was too early for us to have wine but we sure will be trying these the next time we come back. 

We finished off our brunch with some desserts and our second cup of coffee. I ordered cheesecake topped off with whip and strawberry while my boyfriend ordered another kind of cheesecake.

Blow Out at Full Blown 

After our brunch, my boyfried and I headed to Full Blown Dry Bar which was right across the street from La Madeleine. He's such a trooper for going with me to this place and not want to wait outside or go window-shopping somewhere else.

And it's actually cool because unlike other dry bar places, Full Blown offers some services for men too so he can be relaxing and getting pampered as well while your getting your own pampering. 

They do offer shampoo and head and shoulder massage for men and that's exactly what he got. The area where they do the shampoo was dimmed which makes the experience totally relaxing. I think he almost fell asleep. 

I wanted to share this specifically because I think that's a pretty unique offer because most dry bar places only offer services for women. So if you're ever want to get a blow out and with your man, you can encourage him to go with you and do this together. 

And there he was, all happy after his shampoo and massage, with one of the owners, Robert.

The first thing that I noticed when I walked in the place was the bright and white space. If you're following me on Instagram, you've probably noticed how much my photos lately are so bright. Their walls are the perfect backdrop for any Instagram photo! The space is big enough for an event and they actually do offer hosting an event or party with your girlfriends while sipping cocktails and getting your blow out. Think birthday party or bridal shower!

Full Blown Dry Bar has a menu full of fun blow outs! I got the shampoo, hair mask, and a blow out! Oh and some mimosas as well!

After the shampoo and hair mask, I opted for a big curls and volumized blow out. My hair has always been limped but I don't really know how to do those big curls so that's what I asked my stylist to do for me. 

And here's the result of my blow out! How do you love the big curls? I also posted this on Twitter. In case you're not following me on Twitter or you've missed it, click here. In the picture with me was my stylist and Patty, Full Blown Dry Bar's co-owner with Robert. They are such great people! 

My boyfriend and I had such a wonderful experience at this place. From the shampoo to the blow out to the massage and…the mimosas, not to mention the friendliness of the staff, you will enjoy it! 

Outfit: Chambray Top here, here, and here | Crochet Shorts here, herehere, here, and here

Shopping with My Man

There are so many things that you can do at River Oaks Shopping Center and there's absolutely no doubt that shopping is one of them. Other than the big chain retail stores, they also have the local boutiques. Actually, due to some time constraint, we had to leave after our blow out at the Full Blown Dry Bar but re-visited after a couple of Saturdays.

Since shopping and fashion isn't all about women, my boyfriend and I stopped at  Jos A Bank

Jos A Bank

Gotta love and appreciate a guy who knows how to dress real nice. I dislike seeing a guy who dresses so sloppy. My boyfriend is fashion-savvy. Thankfully, I didn't have to educate him, haha! He has his own polished style and he loves dressing up and looking nice just as much as I do. I love it when he puts on his Sunday best, he looks so handsome in suit and tie! That's why he likes to shop at Jos. A. Bank and although they specialize in suits, they do have casual outfits for men as well. 

Ladies, Jos. A. Bank is THE place to go for all things polished for your man. Wedding season is going to be in full swing pretty soon and if you and you guy have any weddings to go, check out this store. 


Dining, entertainment, shopping…you name it and River Oaks Shopping Center. With all the boutiques and name brand shops such as Ann Taylor, GAP, Chico's and more, you can go from one store to another to shop and it won't be quite impossible to not find what you're looking for. Have lunch at La Madeleine's afterwards, get your nails done at Nailtime or Nail-tique, and end your day with a movie at the River Oaks Theatre. 

Whether you live in Houston and have never been to this area yet or you're visiting our beautiful city, I suggest checking out this shopping center! 


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by River Oaks Shopping Center.  The opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of River Oaks Shopping Center. Thank you for supporting sponsors. They make my blog possible! 

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