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The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us again. Wow, cheap how time flies! It seems as if we just had one. Now, see I must be honest, I have never ever been to a big scale Fashion Week such as the one in New York, Paris, or London. The only one I’ve been to was here in Houston. Although, we Houstonians, tried to celebrate it the most stylish and fashionable way we could, I am sure that what we had was nothing compared to the ones I previously mentioned.

Fashion Week is such an exciting time for every fashion lover, even the ones across the globe.

I can’t imagine the enormous preparation it involves behind the scenes only to have a few minutes of presentation. I do imagine though the hard work and the efforts that the organizers, the designers, the stylists, the models, and the production team, including the make-up artists and the assistants, put into it. I can relate because somehow what I do as a personal style blogger reflects what goes on in Fashion Week, only in a very small scale and without, of course, all the massive media attention.

Here in my personal style blog, you only see the final product. What most of you don’t know is that a lot of times, it takes me from about 4-6 hours of worth of work to put together what you would only give  about a minute or two of your time. From preparation such as doing my make-up to getting dressed to driving to the photo shoot location to the actual shooting and then post-processing of images, blogging, and promoting in my social network. Every outfit post you see involves a lot of work.

As it is in Fashion Week, people only often see the presentation of the amazing pieces by the designers. They never see the real hard work in every piece and presentation. From the designing and sketching to creating a prototype to production to fitting it in a model and making the model represent the designer piece in the best possible way in the runway.

See, as a personal style blogger, I needed to learn how to pose and project in front of a camera too, even though I am not really a model. It is needed in order to best represent the product I’m wearing in the pictures. I want to have a good outcome and I hope that you see that in my posts. It took me quite some time to get to the point of not feeling awkward in front of a camera but with lots of practice, I finally, somehow got the hang of it.

I could imagine that it is the same way on a much bigger scale for runway models. They have to be able to wear the designer pieces in the most beautiful way they could and strut them in the runway with such class, pride and joy. And they can only do so with lots of training, coaching, and practice. I’m sure that most of them had to go to some modeling schools. In fact, that was confirmed by The Face modeltestants Afiya, Nakisha, and Isabelle, in my interview with them a few days ago. In the show, all of the modeltestants get mentored by supermodels Naomi Campbell, Anne V. and Lydia Hearst.

Isabelle Bianchi, one of the modeltestants, said in the interview “…the hardest thing I think is people don’t realize all the hard work and hours that actually go into modeling and during fashion week. I mean we had 10 to 12 castings a day that we have to run around the city. I mean there is so much hard work that goes into it…”

It must be pretty intense to be in the same room with these supermodels and other modeltestants. I, myself, get intense with my own self during my photo shoots for my blog because I do want the best final outcome here. It gets to the point of me getting on my mom’s (who is my photographer) nerves sometimes, ha! But hey, you have to do what you have to do in order to get things done in the most excellent way. After all, that’s what we should all strive for: Excellence and being the best possible version of ourselves. Even though these modeltestants have Facemakers behind the scenes, they have to act like they are they own. A Facemaker is anyone who helps transform an ordinary person into a supermodel.

Afiya Bennet said, “You have to embrace being yourself. You have to accept being you and make who you are work.”

Be sure to tune in to Season 2 of Oxygen’s The Face which starts on March 5th, 10/9c.





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