A Little Reflection on 2016 and Some New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas

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And just like that my friends…2016 is almost over and in a few days, we're about to welcome a new year! 2016 has truly been a wonderful year for me. So many challenges and oppositions yet so many blessings and wonderful opportunities have come my way as well. 

A wise woman once told me…"When you see conflict, don't see it as a breaking point. See it as a growth point." This statement has truly opened my heart and mind. Because I've faced too many hardships in life, I thought I was already strong enough. But in 2016, there have been times when I felt like I was about to break down and give up on some people and in life in general. But just a couple of weeks ago, this statement came to me and it has lifted my spirit and has enabled me to see every obstacle that come my way as an opportunity to grow as a person and to become even stronger.

I may not be completely prepared for what 2017 has to offer and what good and bad things a married life can offer but I now know to have the right mindset for it. I'm entirely depending on God and His grace to carry me through this new season. One thing I know though…the best is yet to come in 2017.

And speaking of which…if you have any party plans and are looking for some outfit ideas, y'all know you can't go wrong with sequins for NYE! My fiancé and I will be ringing in the New Year's in Miami. Now I may not wear a glamorous outfit for that celebration as we're flying back to Houston way too early in the morning so I don't feel like dressing up like a star.

But here are some outfit ideas y'all. These all came from Amazon.com (y'all know how much I support Amazon!) and if you have a PRIME membership, you should be able to get your dress right in time before New Year's!

I already mentioned before, I subscribed to PRIME for $9.99/month and in my opinion, it's totally worth it. I order at least 10 items from Amazon every month and the shipping normally costs anywhere from $6.99 to $14.99 so the PRIME membership saves me a lot of money on shipping.

Hope you find something that you like from the ones I've shared. Till next time! 





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