7 Powerful Characteristics of a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

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Do you ever wonder what it takes to make 6 or 7 figures through the internet?

I have in the past…and many people do. What’s so special about these people that they make so much money online? Is it a college degree? A PhD? But we’ve heard about 16, 18, 21 year old high school and college drop outs making 5-6 figures every month…how is that even possible?

Making money online is not a rocket science…even a caveman can do it! *smiles* No 4 year college degree needed. No master’s degree required and you can get started even without experience! One of the things that my mother would always tell me is that “The race is not always to the swift…” I agree.

Do you have what it takes? I believe so! We all have been given gifts and talents in different areas. You just have to discover them (if you haven’t yet) and put them to use.

Here are the top 7 characteristics that successful Internet Entrepreneurs have in common:

1. Passionate.

Passion is very important in everything that you do. It’s what drives you to put in your best day in and day out. It’s what inspires you to keep doing what you love to do even when it’s difficult. It’s what makes you do your tasks with excellence. It’s just what keeps you going! It’s like the batteries powering the Energizer Bunny…a fuel that makes a vehicle run…it’s the oxygen that makes someone live!

Without passion, you’re not even living…you’re just merely existing. If you want to start an online business, find your passion first then money will come! Don’t do it otherwise. Don’t let money be the driving force (although it is so easy to do so!), otherwise, you will end up unhappy. If you’re doing what you’re passionate about, it will show in what you do and it will attract people to you and your business.

Find your passion. Find what you love doing. Find what you’re good at and act on it.

2. Willingness to learn.

“Wait Lynne…I’m confused! You said I need no degree! What is this ‘willingness to learn’ are you talking about?” You’re right, a degree is not required! But life is a continuous learning process and in everything that you’re new to, there’s always a learning curve to go through. It’s a good thing! Don’t be disappointed and don’t be afraid. You will be amazed at how you can expand your skills and transform your mindset when you take the time to educate yourself by reading personal development books, marketing and business blogs, and just by following other successful people.
If you want to be successful in making money online, you will have to spend countless hours reading and learning on strategies and tips and other information to help your business. Learn the skills that will catapult your success.

3. Willingness to work hard.

“Make $109,340.00 in 30 days by blogging for only an hour a day!”

“Make $325.00/day tweeting in Twitter!”

“Make money just by posting links on Google.”

Ahhhhhh…there are far too many of them I could go on and on and on! You’ve seen them everywhere. Promises of generating xxx.xx amount of income in 24 hours or getting rich in 30 days.

If you’re expecting to become an overnight Internet Entrepreneur Rockstar *Smiles*, I’m sorry to be the one to break the news and sorry to disappoint you, but it ain’t going to happen my friends!

Take a look at how hard these successful internet entrepreneurs work in generating millions of dollars every year online.

It’s not all that easy but if you don’t shy away from hard work, you have what it takes to make money online!

4. Willingness to give.

Give! Yes…Social media has dramatically changed the way people do business online! Your whole focus should not just be solely on what you can get from people. A successful entrepreneur mindset is always thinking about providing value to other people in any way, shape, or form. If you start a blog and your focus is all about promoting your affiliate products without giving something of value, you will turn people off. On the other hand, if you’re out there to give (and I mean anything! A free ebook, a free subscription a coupon code, etc.), you will draw people in.

What can you offer people today that is of value for free?

5. Patience and perseverance.

Building an online business is not for the faint-hearted. It takes lots of work and hard ones and it takes time. I would be lying if I tell you it will only take you a short amount of time to generate revenue from your business. I can assure you that there will be days when you would feel that you’re probably just wasting your time and you would want to just drop everything and give up.

But don’t quit. Never give up. Be patient. It will require you to persevere against all odds and if you do, you will see your dream of making money online come to fruition!

6. Commitment & Consistency.

Commitment means to show loyalty, duty or pledge to something or someone as defined by Wikipedia.

I believe that many people fail in their endeavors because of lack of commitment. If you want to be successful in leaving the rat race and make a living off the internet, you cannot be swayed easily and turn your back when things don’t go well. Stay committed. Stick with your goals. Keep the focus.

Consistency is also important. Webster dictionary defines consistency as degree of firmness, density, viscosity, or resistance to movement or separation of constituent particles. My favorite part in this particular definition is this: resistance to movement. Being consistent is paramount to your success as an internet entrepreneur. Be consistent in your message. Be consistent in your mindset. Be consistent in having the traits above.

7. Open to change.

While you must be committed and consistent in your goals and your message, your mind must also be open to change. I can assure you that your journey to entrepreneurship will have lots of trial and error. If something is not working in your tactics and strategies, you must be open and willing and open to change it.

Be encouraged! Remember, quitters never win!









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