The 7 Important Don’ts in Facebook Marketing

If you’re a business owner, network marketer, or new internet entrepreneur and would like to know how you can use this powerful social media platform called Facebook, then I’m here to help! Facebook is by far the largest social media network out there with over 400 million users all over the world.  Just like any marketing venues, there are ethical rules that you must apply to be successful in using Facebook.

On this post, I will discuss what The Don’ts are in Facebook Marketing. I’ve observed this in both “gurus” and newbies alike and I came up with these DON’TS by putting myself on the consumer’s shoes, because I, myself, am a consumer too.

So here we go…The Don’ts in Facebook Marketing.

1. DON’T Spam.

In life in general, in relationships, and in business and marketing, always apply the golden rule: Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” 

You hate spam, I’m sure you do! It’s downright unpleasant and although it might bring you a lead or two, this kind of tactic is not going to last. If you don’t like spam, then don’t spam others.  Always put yourself in the consumer’s shoes because you are also a consumer. There is a much better and ethical way to generate lead and convert your lead through FB!

Below is an example of a recent spam that I recently received on my Inbox: (To protect the privacy of the “spammer” I covered the name and links in this image.)

The title of this is “Get Paid to Socialize.” Now, this may be catchy and will probably get some people’s attention but is this really the best way to build a solid marketing strategy using Facebook? I don’t believe so and I’m sure many professional marketers will agree with me.

2. DON’T Post Links on Walls.

Your facebook wall is like “your space.” This is the same thing with your FB connections’ wall. That’s their space. Putting links on your friend’s walls unsolicitedly is like doing graffiti on someone’s wall.

I often get people introducing themselves to me on my wall with links to their network marketing business. I hate to break the news but this is not cool!  It’s like making your friend’s wall like an advertising billboard. Often, I delete these type of posts on my wall, even if they have introduction before the link.

Always think that your FB connections’ wall is theirs and you must respect their territory.

3. DON’T Tag Your Connections.

Sadly, I’ve seen this over and over and over again on FB. I understand this can be ignorance of the user in properly using Facebook as a marketing tool or people simply just refuse to respect others. I’m sorry to be blunt but tagging your connections on videos, notes, and photos that they are not in to promote your business or get their attention is not only unpleasant but also plain disrespectful.

4. DON’T Post Multiple Updates “Selling”

Keep in mind that you’re on Facebook to build strategic relationships and provide value to your connections and vice versa. If every single one of your post is all about “Check out my network marketing biz, you will get out of debt, make money this month, enroll in my class, etc etc” it’s much like spamming on your connections’ newsfeeds! Since they are not finding value, sooner or later, they will remove you from their list.

5. DON’T Be Fake.

People that you are connecting with are real people with heart, mind, and soul. We all appreciate transparency! Be real in your posts. Humor, good quotes, encouraging posts, transparent emotions – these are things that people love and appreciate. You will encourage more interaction with your connection when you’re real.

6. DON’T Curse.

I know I said on #5 to be real. But not so real that you forget that you’re on Facebook as a “professional” or a business owner. Cursing will not make you look good and will turn people off. Be real but still be professional and ethical.

7. DON’T “Spam” Invite on Events

Some users have managed to utilize the events invitation feature to “invite” other users on “events” that are merely just promotions or links to their home business opportunities. Seriously speaking, I don’t see this to be an effective way to build awareness of your business. I have 18 invitations. Guess what? I haven’t checked any one of them and I’m not going to. Imagine how many people are like me? This works if you have already developed relationship with the person. But if you’re blasting out invitations to attend your network marketing opportunity, this is probably not the best way to generate solid leads.

There you go friends! Hope you find value in this post today! If you have connections on your FB that are business owners, network marketers or internet entrepreneurs that you think might benefit from this post, please “like” or retweet!

If you have additional “DON’Ts” based on your experience, please share them below and let our readers benefit from your knowledge!








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