6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Using Twitter for Your Business

Are you a business owner, network marketer, or internet entrepreneur who’s using Twitter for your business? Twitter has become a phenomenal tool for businesses for the past few years. While there are companies out there, small and big alike, that do know how to use Twitter properly and effectively, there are still a lot (in fact, hundreds of thousands) that just don’t. Unfortunately, this is hurting their business.

If you know how to use Twitter for your business the right way…congratulations! There is no doubt that you have or you will achieve great success using this tool.

However, if you’re just getting into using Twitter, then check out the mistakes to avoid below and your Twitter followers will love you!

1. Hard Selling

Putting your business opportunities or products and services on every tweet that you post is definitely considered hard selling. You will make people feel as if they just walked into a furniture store and the sales man just keeps following the customer in an effort to sell something. This is definitely not appreciated by many, especially in the Social media world. It’s a huge turn-off.

Keep in mind that social media is not “social pushing.” The more you make it apparent that you’re in Twitter to make money, the more that money will become elusive to you. People will easily recognize that and will “unfollow” you.

2. Not Following Back

Let’s face it. At the beginning, you develop your “follower” list on Twitter by following other people. When you follow other people, you expect them to follow you back. It’s the same thing with them. When people find and follow you, they expect you to follow them back. It’s a give and take virtual relationship.

If you don’t follow them back, chances are they will unfollow you.

3. Not Interacting

Social media isn’t about being a spectator. It’s all about developing relationships and being a participator. If you’re not interacting with people, you’re not making your presence known. With millions of Twitter users in your niche, how do you create awareness of your brand? It is by interacting.

There are several different ways to interact on Twitter:

a. Posting success, motivational, or any quotes related to your niche. b. Linking to a good article/blog post that you wrote
c. Making comments on other people’s tweets
d. Saying hi or hello to a particular follower
e. Retweet valuable posts from other users e. Thanking your follower for retweeting

4. Not Providing Value

You will see Twitter work for you in amazing ways if you provide value to your followers. You always have to keep in mind that these days, in order to receive, you first must give. This is very true in social media. It’s a principle of sowing and reaping. Consider yourself a farmer. If you don’t sow, you won’t reap anything.

There are several different ways you can provide value in Twitter such as a link to a valuable content in your blog, a coupon code, a good quick tip or advice, or freebie. It’s all about being creative.

5. Manually Following

Twitter has been extremely popular and numerous software have been developed to make your Twitter life easier. Manually following is so time consuming and you will never achieve the result that you want unless you spend all day and all night just following people. But that’s not our goal. Your goal should be to work smart and not hard and you can do this by using software that will allow you to follow several hundreds of people one at a time. Be sure to check out 5 Free Google Chrome Extensions to Massively Increase Your Twitter Followers and Automate Your Account + Some Important Tips.

6. Spamming

In the past few days, I have received hundreds of direct messages on Twitter. It’s sad to say that a lot of them are people that are selling MLM products, business opportunities, affiliate products, or just plain junk.

This is not an effective way of generating leads for your business. Spamming your follower’s direct message boxes isn’t the way to go. In fact, because of this, I don’t believe that Twitter users still even check their DM boxes. This is unfortunate for those Twitter users who truly have something valuable to offer.

Bottom line is if you don’t have anything good to say on direct message, just leave it alone.

In summary, to make Twitter work to your advantage, make sure that you don’t hard-sell, always follow-back, interact with other users, provide value, use a some apps to make your life easier, and don’t spam.

Hope you find this information valuable and if you do, show me some love and help other people find this blog post by sharing in Twitter or Facebook.

If you have additional tips in using Twitter effectively for your business, feel free to share them below.







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