5 Tips to Make The Best Out of The Remaining Summer Days

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Cue Music…”Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…but you never said that you’d stay forever. But if you must go…well darling I’ll set you free…but I know in time, we’ll be together…” Ha! Does anybody remember that song by Taylor Dayne? I used to listen to that music when I got jilted in love in college. Confessions, confessions! But that’s not really what I was singing that for. I’m talking about summer. Yes, I’m pretty sad that we’re halfway in September already and summer is going to be over in a week. While I know it’s always exciting when a new season begins, lots of fun really does happen during summer. Do you agree?

So I’m sharing 5 tips with you on how you can make the best out of the remaining summer days…8 days to be exact. 

    1. Do a backyard BBQ this weekend or pool party with friends and family.
      Since this is the last weekend of summer, it is a great idea to gather some friends and family for an impromptu BBQ or pool party! I know it may seem impromptu and random but sometimes that’s the most fun! Don’t worry about doing all the work. Make it a potluck! Some people will be sure up for it and it makes them feel like they’re valuable and contributing to something. No need to be elaborate on dishes. It’s all about getting together and have fun during this last weekend of summer. But if you want to go all out, check out my post on 4 Tips To Throw An Epic Nautical-Themed BBQ Party this Summer.
    2. Exercise outdoors.
      Enjoy the remaining bright and sunny summer days by walking or doing your exercise outdoors. Breathe fresh air. Gym is great and it has all the equipment but fresh air and seeing nature is good for overall health and wellness as well.
    3. Have some wine with your beau.
      While summer can be so much fun, it can also be so hectic. With the kids being out of school and lots of activities to keep them busy, it can be exhausting. If you and your beau or maybe your best friend are into rosé or some good old red or white wine, spend some time in your patio and just chill with some chocolates, grapes and cheese to match your wine! Check out Treat Yourself to Relaxing Summer Nights with Faustino Wines.
    4. Go to an outdoor movie with your friends or loved one(s).
      I’m not sure if you have an outdoor movie theatre where you’re at but we have quite a few here in Houston. It’s not luxurious by any means but it’s so much fun doing it. Just don’t forget to bring in some citronella or off lotion to repel the mosquitoes! I did this once with my friends and my husband (only a friend back then) and it was enjoyable. Also be sure to bring some foldable chairs and blankets (just in case).
    5. Shop summer sales.
      In case you missed it, the other day I posted the Cutest Maxi Dresses on Sale You Wouldn’t Want to Miss. End of summer is when a lot of things go on sale because stores are trying to get rid of their summer inventory in order to make way for fall and winter items. Shopbop is going to have a major sale from September 26 thru September 29 so that’s something I’m also looking forward to. It may be past summer but it’s still going to be a good one!This lush tropical romper I’m wearing here is already sold out but here’s a similar romper in different print. I’ve also curated some really cute ones below that are currently on sale: (Some are actually great for fall like this leopard print romper and this polka dot.)



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