5 Tips For Beautiful Couple Holiday Photos + Unlocked iPhone 8+ Giveaway

Her: Denim Shirt Dress | Tecovas Boots “The Penny”
His: Similar Ombré Shirt | Tecovas Boots “The Dillon”

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This is my husband and I’s first ever holiday photos, even though this is our second Christmas as a married couple. I couldn’t be more excited taking these photos and sharing them with you.

Along with these photos, I want to share some tips with you guys if you’re planning to do a couple or family holiday photos.

  1. Envision and Plan Your Outfits.

    Your outfits can make or break your photos. It’s a big part of holiday photos, especially, if you’re planning to make it into Christmas cards and sending it to your friends and family.

    Below are some tips in coordinating your outfits:
    a. Envision how you want you and your husband or your whole family to look in the picture. For example: Do you want to be more formal or whimsical or more like nice casual or something in between?
    b. If you have the budget (some photographers charge by the hour), perhaps you can do a change of outfit. So have another set of outfit.
    c. Coordinate the colors. You guys don’t have to be all matchy-matchy. In fact, avoid being too matchy-matchy. For example: On this post, I hardly really had any holiday colors but my husband had a burgundy-reddish shirt on. Notice though that we’re wearing cowboy boots from Tecovas, which by the way are amazing! If you are ever in the market for new cowboy boots, you have got to check them out. Being in the south, wearing our cowboy boots from Tecovas is our way of showing our Texan side. This is also just the first set of two of our holiday photos.

  2. Hire a Good Photographer.

    A good (in fact a really good photographer) is KEY to capturing the best moments into photos. They said a picture is worth a thousand words and you want your photographer to capture a picture that will say a lot about you and your husband or your whole family. If you’re ever in Houston, check out Prashant. He’s the best in Houston and is always our go-to when it comes to my husband and I’s photos. He did our engagement and wedding photos as well.

    What I love about Prashant is the way he shoots in natural light and the way he brings out the best in my husband and I and in the way he directs the poses. It comes out very natural. He’s also very easy to work with so if you’re in the Houston area, be sure to check out his work and hire him!

    You would also want your photographer to capture your vision and having a great photographer to work with, makes your vision easy to bring to life!

  3. Have a Vision of What You’d Like the Photos to Be.

    For every photoshoot that I’ve had with Prashant, I’ve always had some kind of imagination on it already. For example, I would tell him, I want a city scene or I want the golden hour type of photos. Then he would take it from there.  It always helps the photographer when you have some kind of idea. However, be also open to your photographer’s ideas. A lot of times, you’d be surprised if you let them have fun and be creative as well. So have a mix of your vision and your photographer’s.

  4. Scout the Perfect Location.

    This tip is related to Tip #3 above. A lot of times your photographer can take care of this if you don’t know much about good photoshoot locations. If you do and you prefer a specific location, be sure to discuss it with your photographer. Sometimes you might prefer a specific location but it may not necessarily be photogenic or may not have the best lighting.

    In this photoshoot, I told Prashant that I would like to have some kind of “country” theme with haze and golden hour and he found the perfect location for this shoot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the Spanish moss and the haze of the sun came out in the photos.

  5. Be Playful and Have Fun.

    I must admit that when we’re shooting outfit photos, I’m usually uptight. My mom, who is my regular outfit photographer, can attest to that. But when my husband and I are shooting together with Prashant, photos turn out to be playful. Partly because my husband is just a natural goofball and I love that about him but also Prashant directs our poses a lot of times. When you have a good chemistry with your photographer, this can and will flow easily.

Hope you find these tips helpful! And share your photos and tag me if you find any of these tips helpful in any way!

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