4 Refreshing Products That I Took With Me To Honeymoon

As you all know, I just got married a couple of weeks ago and it was the best day ever! But planning my own wedding wasn't as easy as I thought. There were lots of details that I wanted to put in the wedding and it was pretty stressful to say the least. There were lots of last minute things that popped up, even the day of the wedding. However, the day still turned out to be very special for us and our guests.

The honeymoon part was also something that my husband and I both looked forward to. And it was such a refreshing time. We enjoyed the beach, the activities, the food and drinks, and the people. I will share more of that on another post.

While traveling to another country that's unfamiliar to you is fun and exciting, it can also be stressful, especially when you don't know what to expect, right? But being quite ready and fully-packed up with the right products to take with you can be key, especially if you don't know where to get the products you normally use in a foreign country where there's no Walmart or Walgreens. 

Here Are The Top 4 Products I Made Sure I Packed in My Tote Bag:

1. Secret Deodorant

Ladies, let's admit it. A lot of times, stress isn't only visible in our skin, but also our body scent. Making sure you're underarm is protected is an absolute MUST. You don't want to look pretty but stinky, ya know? And Secret Deodorant is the right product to make sure you're covered. Secret launched its Fresh Collection with a brand new patented Fade Resistant Scent Technology, which has been shown to combat nose-blindness and provide long-lasting fragrance benefits for up to 48 hours. The new Secret Fresh Collection features 11 dynamic scents in both Clear Gel and Invisible Solid forms – with a brand new Cool Waterlily fragrance which I got to try. The all new Cool Waterlily scent is a sheer, clean fragrance mixing the nuanced floracy of the lily with unique green lily pad middle notes for the ultimate, upscale spa-like experience. It's so refreshing!  

Oh by the way, do you know that your nose can grow accustomed to scents like your signature perfume, the way your favorite candle smells, and even your deodorant, which might make you feel less fresh or protected as the day goes on. So having a product like Secret Deodorant that has Fade Resistant Scent Technology can make you feel confident that you're protection is there all day long!

2. 21 Drops Detox Essential Oil Blend

Everyone swears by the benefits of essential oils. There are many different kinds and many brands but I especially liked this Detox Essential Oil Blend from 21 Drops

21 drops has pioneered the modern experience in essential oil therapy, offering you a healthier way of living every day. Each 21 drops solution is pre-blended with distinct essential oils that come together in organic jojoba oil to uniquely treat a particular concern or aspiration. By carefully combining the correct essential oils at the perfect concentration, these blends work in synergy to deliver on their targeted promise for a healthier mind and body.

It always helps to carry this tiny vial in your tote bag – whether you're traveling or just doing your everyday tasks. You will find that it can calm your nerves, help you relax, and keeps you focused.


3. La Fresh Limited Edition Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes 

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I don't wear make-up everyday and if I do, I don't keep them for too long. My husband often laughs at me because I do sometimes complain that I'm very tired whenever I wear make-up. That being said, I always take a make-up remover with me in my purse so I can easily and readily remove my make-up. 

For our honeymoon travel, I took La Fresh Limited EDition Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes with me. This pouch holds 100 wipes, ha! I had to have that many! It's perfect for stubborn make-up but gentle enough for sensitive skin like mine. 

4. Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil 

One more thing that could easily annoy me is growing hair on my legs so that's why I shave everyday. But shaving can dry your skin so fast and it is no bueno, especially when you're wearing shorts and swimsuits on vacation. This Tree Hut Bare Moisturing Shave Oil is definitely one of the things in my To Pack List. 

It comes with essential oils like Jojoba Oil and Grape Seed Oil, which helps seal in moisture and promote healthy skin. The Moisturizing Shave Oil is uniquely formulated to provide enhanced contact between the razor and your skin for a smooth shave without nicks or cuts. The oil can also be used to enhance smoothness between shaves. I'm a huge fan of this product!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Secret Deodorant.  The opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Secret Deodorant. Thank you for supporting LynneGabriel.com sponsors. They make my blog possible!





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