12 Fashion Subscription Boxes You Must Check Out

Subscription boxes have become huge in the past four years and I could see why. For the busy fashionista, mom, or corporate gal, shopping for clothes can be the last in their itinerary. Comes in handy are these fashion subscription boxes. Imagine a box full of clothes and accessories tailored to your style and taste being delivered to you on a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. I couldn’t see why millions of women have fallen in love with this concept. The beauty of having a personal stylist matched with the convenience in time, why not?

Over the years more and more fashion subscription boxes have emerged. Below are some of the ones I’ve both tried and looked into. 

  1. Stitch Fix

    Stitch Fix Fashion Subscription Box Review
    Stitch Fix is one of the oldest and perhaps the biggest fashion subscription boxes. It was founded in 2011 and has just recently released a styling subscription service for men and kids. The process is very seamless with Stitch Fix. If you decide to use their service, all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire that lets the stylists determine your style so they can tailor the pieces they will send you. You can subscribe to a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. All you have to do is pay a $20 styling fee each time a box is sent out and you will get about 5 pieces, including accessories if you selected it. You can then purchase whatever you want to keep in box for the retail price on the tag and send back the rest that you don’t want to keep in a prepaid labeled USPS envelope and just drop it off within 3 days you received your box. I’ve written a couple of Stitch Fix reviews here and here if you’d like to see some of the pieces I’ve received before.
  2. Wantable

    Wantable Fashion Box Review
    Wantable is very similar to how Stitch Fix works. They do not have kids subscription boxes but they do have fitness and men’s. They also carry a very wide range of sizing from XS all the way to 3X in women’s edits. Unlike Sitch Fix, you get 7 pieces in your box instead of 5 and you have 5 days to try everything on and send back whatever you don’t like. You also have to pay a $20 styling fee and pay for any items you’d like to keep. I have personally tried Wantable a few years ago but only received fashion jewelries.  You can see how I styled those jewelries here.
  3. Trunk Club

    Trunk Club Review
    Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom so if you love shopping at Nordstrom then you might want to try this service. Just like Stitch Fix and Wantable, there is a styling fee but it’s $25 for this one.  The fee is waived for Nordstrom card members and if you’re not a member, the $25 fee is applicable towards whatever pieces you’d like to keep. Any pieces you don’t want to keep will have to be returned in its original condition within 5 days. The services is available for both men and women and prices typically range based on Nordstrom’s retail prices which is anywhere from $40-400. You would also have to take a styling questionnaire upon signing up. My husband has tried Trunk Club before and have used a jacket for our engagement photos. Click here to take a look.
  4. Box of Style

    Box of Style Fashion Subscription Box Review
    Box of Style is curated by Rachel Zoe and based on seasonal finds. It can be a mix and match of clothing pieces, accessories and beauty products. Their site claims that each box is valued at up over $400 and you only pay $99.99. Some pieces are available in different colors and sizes so you get to choose that. If you sign-up with their email newsletter, you can get a $15 off of your first Box of Style
  5. Daily Look Elite

    Daily Look Elite Box Review
    Daily Look used to be an online retail store carrying very trendy and stylish pieces for the millennials. Now it’s a styling subscription service that seem catered more towards the young corporate professionals. The styles they have are fit for both work and play. Unlike the other fashion subscription boxes, Daily Look carries designer brands such as J. Brand, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Tularosa, Paige and more. Each box contains up to 12 pieces with price starting at $60 and the styling fee is $40. You can subscribe monthly, every other month or quarterly and you can cancel anytime. While I’ve never personally tried their box after they shut down their retail side, the Daily Look Elite Box looks very promising to me. 
  6. Just Fab

    Image Credit: My Subscription Addiction

    Just Fab Review

    Just Fab started as a VIP subscription for shoes and accessories only. It later on expanded to carrying clothing pieces and fashion jewelries. The bags are of good quality in my personal opinion however the shoes are a hit and miss. You can subscribe monthly for $39.95 and you get 2 pairs of shoes or a pair of shoes and a bag, or a pair of shoes and a piece of clothing. You can keep the pieces for just that $39.95 or send them back. You get charged every 5th of the month but you can cancel or skip right before you get charged. 
  7. Frank and Oak

    Frank and Oak Fashion Subscription Box
    If you like a minimalist style, you’d love Frank and Oak. The pieces available almost seem like basic to me but they can be wardrobe staples. This is a fairly new service for Frank and Oak. Unlike other fashion subscription boxes, they actually have a physical retail store and an online store where you can buy their pieces from but at their regular retail prices. If you choose to get a monthly subscription box, you get a 20% discount off the pieces and if you return everything in the box, you are subject to a $25 styling fee. You can always skip a month or two if you wish and you get to preview your personalized box prior to it being shipped out to you. You can also cancel anytime.
  8. MM La Fleur

    MM La Fleur Bento Box Review
    If you’re a classy corporate gal then MM La Fleur is for you and if you like the convenience of having your work outfits delivered to your door, then you will enjoy the MM La Fleur Bento Box. While Bento Box is not necessarily a subscription service, you can order one easily on their website by clicking on Start a Bento – order it once or order a recurring box. You will have to fill out a survey just like the other subscription box services so that MM stylists can determine what is your style. You will have 4 days to try everything out and then return with the prepaid label. There doesn’t seem to have any styling fee involved but you’d have to pay retail price for whatever you’d like to keep. You can also schedule a next day pick up for whatever you’d like returned.
  9. Le Tote

    Le Tote is quite unique in a sense that it’s also a rental service. For a monthly fee of $79, you can wear any or all of the pieces in your box to go to work or go on a night out for as long as you’d like. Once you’re done, you can return any piece that you don’t want to keep and just pay for whatever you’d like to keep. If you would like to keep a piece or two or three, the prices is normally 50% off the retail price. They also offer a maternity rental for $89/month. There is no shipping fee or styling fees involved. Just a flat $79 or $89 for maternity and pay for whatever pieces you’d like to keep. 

  10. Dia and Co

    Dia and Co Plus Size Review
    Fashion subscription companies such as Dia & Co sure have never forgotten our lovely plus size women. It works just like any fashion subscription service: Fill out a style questionnaire, get a box in the mail for $20 styling fee that gets credited towards any purchase you have, and return whatever you don’t want to keep. It offers free and unlimited size exchanges and you get 25% OFF when you buy everything in your Dia & Co Style Box.

  11. Gwynnie Bee

    Gwynnie Bee Plus Size Review
    Gwynnie Bee works similar to Le Tote in a such a way that it’s both a styling and a rental service but for the plus size women. A quick look at the styles seem to tell me that they have better pieces than Dia & Co. You can start with a FREE trial plan with 2 pieces for 30 days and after which you’d have to pay $69/month. You can wear the pieces as long as you’d like, pay for whatever you’d like to keep and send back whatever you don’t like. There are no contracts, no commitment, so you are free to cancel anytime. You get free returns and free size exchanges. You also get free laundry! 

  12. Rocksbox

    Rocksbox Review
    What is an outfit without fashion jewelries? If you’re a little obsessed with fashion jewelries, then Rocksbox is for you. They carry jewelry designers such as Kendra Scott, Margaret Elizabeth, Kate Spade, House of Harlow, Gorjana, Loren Hope amongst others. For $21/month, you will receive 3 jewelry pieces that you can try on and pay for whatever you’d like to keep. The monthly $21 fee is applied towards any purchase you make. There is not a lot of jewelry subscription service so this is worth trying. You will also have to fill out a style questionnaire so you wouldn’t receive anything that doesn’t fit your style. 

    I’ve personally tried this service a few years ago and have incorporated the pieces that I’ve received in some outfit posts I published. Click here and here for a sample of how I styled the pieces.  


    Disclaimer: This post contained affiliate links. 


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